Jynx's Personal Contacts

Dr. Krong (aka. Uncle Krong):
An…'eccentric' doctor of some repute whom Jynx met on a mission
Jynx has been to see him a few times since her first discovery of her 'favorite and long lost uncle' for an occasional 'check-up'.

The owner of Blasters-R-Here on Dorland.
Set up a good deal to barter and trade for 'big things in small packages'.
*Note this contact knows me as Boomer

The 'cute' imperial I bumped into on a mission involving a case of mistaken identity
Was very impressed by my ability to blow the hell out of things and we swapped com #'s

Dr. Neblo' Jon:
A Narasan doctor whom I met while participating in a pazzack tournament on Bespin.
She specializes in Cybernetics and Biology.
*Note this contact knows me as Pfeiffer McPhearson

The owner of K'Cri's nightclub on Bespin and the host of the pazzack tournament there
*Note this contact knows me as both Pfeiffer McPhearson and as Reon Vo

Asli D'Nul:
An undercover Rebel contact on Bespin, wife of K'Cri
*Note this character knows me as Pfeiffer McPhearson, Reon Vo, and Jynx.

Ferra Hound:
A demolitions engineer who had unknowingly been working with the Empire to mine a crystal core for the new Death Star
*Note this contact knows me as Jynx and is considered a good friend and a college.

A tech my own age I met on the Star Forge who specialized in bots and offered me work anytime
*Note this contact knows me as Jynx

Naris Nilton:
The privileged daughter of the Head CEO of Sorosub
Managed to hang out with Naris and give her a fresh point of view in regards to the treatment of her people. She's agreed to work undercover with the Rebellion.
*Note the contact knows me as Felicia O and also as Colonel Reon Vo-Zzingnut of the Rebellion

Dr. Raiden:
A Legrie doctor who was looking for a cure for a blood disorder among his people
The team helped him discover a cure for his people and left on good terms.
*Note this contact knows me as Pfeiffer McPhearson

Lord Xan:
A rather dashing noble from the Tapani Sector whom I first met while on a mission to protect him and have met up a few times since then.
Lord Xan has always been genteal in a playboy sense and has proposed to me once.
*Note this contact knows me as Reon and often refers to me as Lady Vo now that he knows where I come from.

A nice kid Sara and I know and are friends with on Socorro.
Euri and his family give Sara and I great deals and is fun to hang out with in general.

Ne' Chak:
A Rodian met on Ome's Space Station
A pretty chummy fellow for a Rodian and one willing to help a friend in need…for a favor of course.
*Note this contact knows me as Jynx but more reputedly as Fable.

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