Jynxie's Reply

Dear Sara,

Actually yes, I am considering moving off base if I can find a way to do so. I am thinking about asking my little Squibums if I can bunk with him but I am not sure how he'll take that. I mean, I know we are married and all but I also know he needs some personal space too. I miss him a lot and would like to be closer to him, so I guess I'll ask. Other than that I am like the part time owner of two other boats. Sometimes I hang out with Talon, but I guess he's been kinda busy lately. It just gets so lonely here on base ={

I thought that R2 would cheer me up a bit but he has some definate issues going on with his wiring. I wole up the other night with him right next to the bed making these eerie little blips and flashing a red light. It was wierd! I am not so comfy with him as of right now so he's been hanging around with some of the pilots. No complaints there either, they say he's a top notch droid and really helpful at finding missing tools and parts. Since the bedroom incident I've been letting him power down in the hangars and I have recently installed a bunch of ion grenades around my bed. I just can't shake off the crazy feeling he was gonna try and do something.

"Lord's Folly" huh? That wouldn't have anything to do with the means by which you got the ship, would it? The name's okay but a little similar to Darrik's ship "Fool's Folly." I mean it's your ship and all. What happened to "The Dirty Dark Hole"? Would have been right up there with my part time ship "The Floating Dustbunny". Still surprised the boys let me call it that. The other choice was PB&J.
So if you need help with the ship just ask. Not like I have much else to do aside from comming up with a plan of action to take out some AT-AT's. You know the people here on base think I am insane, but I am confidant with the presents Slick bought me that one day in the future I shall bring down the stupid walkers for good. Higher ups here want me to take some time and talk to a councilor about my problems, but I am not sure I have any. One of my buddies here says I should hop a ride back home for a bit. He's been dying for a chance to go home and visit his relatives but…well, I am not too sure that for me it would be a good idea.

And how did you hear about my plan for my in-laws? Wow, I am not even sure how that works out as far as in-laws goes. What would they be to me? But yes, I do have wonderous plans for them all. Never thought about sending myself a surprise in the mail before…only problem is wouldn't that make Squibums look awfully suspect? I should really talk things over with him first. Not like he'll be upset about it or anything.

So a twentyfirst B-day bash?!! Sounds like a real Blast! I guess I'll have to scrounge about for another present for you.

Just one question about the pool…you said it was a wading pool, so we're talking like what? Two feet deep?


Sara's Reply 08-23-08

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