Jynxie's Reply 10 27 08

Huh, the same plushy squib that I saw chained up at your party? I thought that was my squibiums for a while there….you should name him after some sort of a gamboling thing since you got him as a prize.
I'll bet his furr isn't as soft as the real thing….

And I am quite comfy in my bed. I got used to sleeping in those cramped little cots at base, and to be honest the little prison bunk was somewhat comfy if not uber hard though. But I hear you on the big bed, that's why I snuggle with Wally The Wampa and my riot gun….well, and in case there's something that goes bump in the night. Speaking of which…I gotta little jumpy hearing R2 and shot the wall. Poor little bugger won't come down the hall to my room now.

I can't believe how much I missed the little guy mozying around the ship. You can always come over and share this big ol' bed with me, and watch My Little Taun Taun.

….O and Sara, I never did tell you how much I appreciated what you and Squibums did when I went down like that, but promise me that in the future you'll just get your asses outta there, would make me feel a whole lot better and less of a liability.

-Your sis, Reon…and fellow Nut Buster, Jynx

Um….so, dou you think we are also cunt busters too? =p

Sara's Reply 10-27-08

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