Jynxie's Revenge

So all the carefull planning has finally paid off thanks to Sara, Chimera, Darik, Pistolwhip, and Stinky….well, maybe not so much to Stinky's approval. By the way Stinky is proving to be an excellent little pilot, but we need to get her a velcro booster seat.
Anyways, ever since Fred Slick and myself failed to bring down an AT-AT, I have finally succeeded. It would have been excellent if I could have used one of the new Finn Batts that Slick gifted me with, but even I am smart enough not to walk around with that. We were on a mission to retrieve another rebel op who after creating a new sister cell was ready to report back with new info, when we had the unexpected delight and luck of having an AT-AT meander up to where we were at.

Now I must admit that after stunning a bunch of troopers into submission…and by the way stun is okay as long as Sara is around….and while Stinky was seeing to our target, Sara and me made a kick ass thermal as a parting gift to the compound. As we were getting ready to leave Stinky mentioned we needed to get our asses moving because an AT-AT had shown up where we had broken into the compound from. Well, let me just say that our mission objective took a little twist when I found out about that and our crew decided it wasn't a totally bad idea to get rid of the thing bearing down on our only means off the planet.

So Darik did this "Phenominal" throw and stuck my thermal Jynxie Special to the head of the AT-AT. And thanks to Sara not only do I have a holorecording of it all but a nice picture that I am sure Unique will be more than pleased to have a poster of for her bar. I mean it'll boost Morale I am sure, and perhaps the higher ups will consider letting me purchase stuff from the quatermaster again…not that I really need that.

I wasn't aware of the squad of stormtroopers comming out of a drop ship behind me when the picture was taken though, but it adds to the effect. I even sent a holo-tex-message to Squibums right away. I am sure he will be so proud!

I haven't felt this good in a long time. I think the time is comming when it may be possible to tinfiltrate a base with AT-AT's to blow up for fun. I am already thinking of sending some definate invites out to a few people.

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