Jynxie's Tidbits

*Blew up an elock early in her career
*Discovered Chimara was infected with Intergalactic Syphilus (but has failed to find a cure)
*Married a Squib to become one of their own
*Likes to make herself at home in the gun wells of every ship she has ever been on
*1/2 owner of The Floating Dustbunny PB-950 former Imp patrol vessle
*Can now change the color of her hair whenever she wants
*Has a private bounty on her head in the Pallis Sector
*Poked The Brain in his head and got away with it!
*Has a severe hatred of AT-AT's which may one day be her demise!
*Proud new owner of R2-F0 (also known as R2-FU) an astromech droid….he doesn't seem to like me though
*Has a fear of deep water and force wriaths (swiftly developing a fear or small spaces)
*Blew up an Opera House…and while it may not be true or false is taking credit for sinking a sub base also.
*Kicked two peons in the crotch…one was a syncronized kick with Sara
*Rumor is there is an old Imperial pin-up of her circulating around
Has SUCCESSFULLY blown the hell out of an AT-AT with a thermal
*Is the proud new owner of an AT-AT head and a Decca Destroyer droid currently called "The Little Angel"
*Gambled away my first unborn child to a very large insectoid in my first pazzac tournament
*Is the semi-proud new owner of a lime green poop slinging monkey…seemed like a good idea at the time.
*Has a severe fear and hatrer for Force Wraiths and will never travel anywhere without a night lite.
*Recently was wounded by her own grenade, the first time in her career*
*Recently discovered her kiss is only worth $2,000 credits to a Hutt, but is worth far more than that to her little squibbums.
*Owes a favor to Durga The Hutt ={***

***Subject to approval by present employer.

*Has a $30,000 Imperial Bounty (Lorandean) $10,000 Imperial Bounty (everywhere else) on her head as Major Reon Vo-Zzingnut of the Rebel Alliance
*Has recently acquired an Imperial Bounty for $250,000 credits……but it was TOTALLY worth it (on Phiffer Mcphearson alias but of Jynx's profile) as well as the ship….sorry Choth

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