Age: Unknown
Height: 7’ 2”
Weight: 350 lbs.
Objective in Life: “Something about waffles and pancakes … we are not really sure he isn’t very easy to follow.”

"Kas'Tor, what's up with that lisp?" ChiChi Zingnut
"What lithp?" Kas'Tor

“Thee the deckthweeper isn’t even working! . <As he looks into the barrel of one of the biggest decksweeper you have ever seen and fires it knocking himself unconscious. He wakes up a while later.> “Never mind it works.”

“Don’t thoot da Kas’tor. It onwe makes him angwy.”

Diplomatically handling a group trying to rob a cantina he was in:
“Theth 500 cwedits in dis bar. 1,000 cwedits for any of youth who gets thorough me.”
<He kept the 1,000 credits.>

“Do youth have any waffles?”

“Dow’t youth think dat waflles and pancakes are mowtaal enemies?”

Seeing a race of individuals kneeling and bowing before a jawa, "I fought youth thed deeth tings were thupposed to be intewigent!?!"
Shortly thereafter, it comes to light that they believe the jawa to be a god. "No, no thtop. Oops I am waffing tho hard I peed mythelf a wittle bit."

Physical Description:
A black skinned Barabel with tribal branding marks across himself - surely with some cryptic meaning behind them. He has quite a few passions in life but right now there is little as satisfying as hearing the crunch of a stormtroopers spine or the squish of their vital organs. And yes he has got a more than a few issues! By the way I dare you to make fun of his lisp …


A better friend you have never had. As long as that friend has the mentality of a punch drunk mixed with a monkey lizard, at times the temper of a Rancor with a ‘personal’ rash, yet also as loyal Zetdeer.

Known Associates:
His best friend and business partner the squib that he refers to as "hith wittle buddy". a.k.a. Syrup
Slik (heth twicky) a.k.a. Butterscotch
Darrik (friend would be a stretch but there seems to be a respect there too bad he upped and stupidded himself)
Choth (he hits ok … for a human)
Jinxy (thee makes boom bigger dan I hits) a.k.a. Cherry
Chimara (although not too close he doesn’t want all of those funky nasties she has)
Taylor Castel (the thtill oweth me feom fixing her thip wefwetherth) a.k.a. Strawberry
Boobery (or whatever his name is but he looks liek a boo berry and he has such nice pets) a.k.a Blueberry
Myrrrad a.k.a. Pecans
Stinky (well he has been known to travel with it a few times) a.k.a. raisin (raisins jsut aren't right with waffles)

The seedier side of about any culture he visits.
Anybody willing to split a stormtrooper with him (physically).

Interesting things about Kas’tor:
Heard Chimara was infected with Intergalactic Syphilus, Chlamydia (must be where the name came from) and other various nasty intergalactic yuckies.

His tribal brandings covering his entire back, left arm, the left side of his neck and the left half of his face.

No one's had the nerve to tell him, but there was a childish doodle of an angry monster face on the back of his head, in black and pink spray paint. Somebody is goingto pay …

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