Kerry Enocc

Description: 4'8" tall, 90 lbs + what she's wearing, cute human female with long blonde hair and big blue eyes. Can be seen wearing a variety of different clothes, but never wears armor, and never carrying anything larger than a heavy blaster pistol.
ID Rating: 28
Age: 21
Planet of Origin: Alderaan
Licenses: Accredited Captains Pilot License (license is not fake and was legally acquired in her name taking the test and everything)
Registered Proerty: Registered owner of The Lord's Folly (BOSS registration is not fake and was legally registered in her name)
Bountys: None
History: Seems she lived on Alderaan up till just before the planet fell apart. She happened to be away on vacation when the tradgedy happened, and she lost all of her previous family and friends. She has been recovering and making a new life for herself. She tend to not talk about herself or her past very much, only dealing with the present.
On at least one occasion has been seen to talk to a customs inspector where no one else could hear, and afterwards the inspection went very smoothly and did not find any of the contraband aboard…
She has become very intimately friendly with Captain Peugot, Captain of the Wing Guard on Bespin.

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