Kersen Drukknoop

Kersen Drukknoop

Custom Luxury Cruiser 200
Craft: SoroSuub Luxury Cruiser 200
Alignment: General
Era: Rebellion
Source: Pirates & Privateers (page 71)
Registered Owner: Baron Van Velen-Asgara
Type: Personal yacht
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 100 meters
Crew: 2, skeleton: 1/+10
Skill: Space transports: Luxury Cruiser 200 yacht
Crew Skill: Varies widely
Passengers: 18 (including crew)
Cargo Capacity: 34 metric tons +2 Hidden +2 Scan Resistant
Consumables: 3 months
Base Cost: 125,000
Est Value: 625,000
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1 (with override code x1/2)
Hyperdrive Backup: x12
Advanced Nav Computer: Yes (+2D to Astrogation rolls)
Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 6
Atmosphere: 330; 950 km/h
Hull: 6D+1 (6D+3 vs Ionization)
Shields: 1D
Passive: 50/2D
Scan: 100/3D
Search: 150/4D
Focus: 4/6D
Sensors include EPR's, FST's, DER's, and LFI's
spaceQuad f-9 Heavy Ion Cannons
spaceFire Arc: Turret
spaceSkill: Starship Gunnery
spaceFire Control: 4D
spaceSpace Range: 1-3 / 7 / 36
spaceAtmosphere Range: 100-300 / 700 / 3.6 km
spaceDamage: 7D ion

Exterior Description Notes:
Exterior hull has a completely mirrored finish.

Interior Description Notes:

All around the ship is decorated with very luxurious and tasteful manner. There are a lot of mirrors installed around the ship, adding to the spacious feeling and adding to the lighting.

Deck L
Here is where the Entrance Ramp and both Air Locks let access into the ship. The ceilings here are generally about 5 meters high. Everything is kept clean and neat. Decorations on this level are very minimal, but the construction and appearance is all still very good looking.
Escape Pods: Each of the 6 escape pods can hold up to 5 people and have standard emergency escape pod equipment in them.
Lower Turret: Here is the access to the lower turret, the hatch is usually locked.
Passenger Lift: Centrally located is access to the ship’s passenger Lift. It goes from this deck all the way to deck 3 with access to decks 1 and 2. The control panel is burnished gold with crystal looking lighted buttons for the 4 decks the lift can access (labeled L, 1, 2, 3). The walls are all lined in high quality synth-wood, stained a warm reddish-brown. The lift is approx 4m x 4m x 3m.
Spiral Stairs: Centrally located, but across from the Lift, a set of doors opens into a grand set of spiral stairs that go up from deck L all the way to deck 3 with access to decks 1 and 2. The stairs are about 2 meters wide and made of a sturdy synth-wood stained a warm reddish-brown. The banisters and railings are all carved with little stylish designs.
Cargo: Just aft of the Lift and Spiral Stairs is the sealed door to the Cargo hold. The Cargo hold has a big Lift to load cargo directly into it from outside, and there is also a small Lift in the back that takes some cargo from the Cargo hold up to the Food & Beverage Storage and to the Galley on Deck 2.
Fwd Crew Accessway: All the way forward, just to the left of the Entrance Ramp, is locked access to the Crew Accessway that has a ladder going all the way up with access to all upper decks as well as external access. There is a door from the Accessway to each deck.

Deck 0.5
This is a Maintenance Accessway deck. Only normal access to this deck is from Engineering (aft) and from the Crew Accessway (fwd). Main Mtx Accessways are 2m wide by 1.1m high, but most passages are only 1.1m wide by 1.1m high. There are Accessways on this level that go out into the RH and LH Nacells.

Deck 1
This is mostly the entertainment deck. Ceilings on most of this deck are 3m tall, but in the Dance/Stage hall the ceilings are 6m tall.
Club: This large room is a club and theater. Large doors open into the seating area where there are small tables with seating. Then there is a railing to separate the seating area from the dance floor. The dance floor give plenty of space for a sizable amount of people dancing, and is fully zero-g dance capable. Then there is a raised stage setup with lighting and projectors, including a high quality holoprojection system that covers the entire stage area. At the back of the stage is a curtain and backstage area. In the backstage is locked access to the Crew Accessway. From the seating area there is also access to the General Refresher on this deck.
General Refresher: A fancy public restroom type refresher. Several stalls and several sinks.
Game Room: A large room set up with various common games and some tables/chairs for playing of cards and other games. Known games set up are: Sabaac table, Spheroids globe game, B'shingh game, Holomatic dejarik set, Imperial command combat simulator, and Declination mental combat game among others. In one corner is a full bar with barstools. There is also access to the General Refresher from here. At the back is a locked door leading into crew areas.
Secondary Galley: A smaller kitchen setup (than the one on L2), though still has most equipment for cooking anything and also has a high quality autochef. Has access to the Bar, the Food & Beverage Storage, and a crew hallway.
Food & Beverage Storage: This is the main pantry for the ship. All foodstuffs and beverages for the passengers and crew are stored here. There is direct access to the Secondary Galley and the crew hallway, plus there is a 4mx4m lift that goes down to the Cargo Compartment and up to the Main Galley.
Droid Hold: A 5m x 11m room with plenty of outlets for charging droids plus places for droids to secure themselves during periods of non-use. There are also benches and storage with tools and repair parts for working on and cleaning droids.
Med Bay: A 11m x 10m hermetically sealed room on separate life support from the rest of the ship. There is an airlock to get in and out of the room, and each door of the airlock is locked. There is a bacta tank, a med unit, a bioscanner, two secured beds, 4 2-1B droids, and some miscellaneous medical equipment and supplies in here.

Engineering spans decks 0.5 through 2. All access is by sealed doors. Main access is on deck 1 with a locked 4m wide door. There is a 4m x 4m Lift that can move between all the deck levels of Engineering. There are also 4 Crew Accessway ladders that go the entire height of the Engineering section, including sealed external access hatches at each end of each. Note: the hyperdrive system is not actually in Engineering as the hyperdrive system is mounted in the Nacelles and accessed through deck 0.5.

Deck 1.5
This is a Maintenance Accessway deck. Only normal access to this deck is from Engineering (aft) and from the Crew Accessway (fwd). Main Mtx Accessways are 2m wide by 1.1m high, but most passages are only 1.1m wide by 1.1m high.

Deck 2
This is the main passenger accommodation deck. The ceilings here are all 3m tall.
Pax Suites: Each passenger suite has a large (2m wide) locked door made to look like it is of fine stained wood (actually made of metal). The suites are spacious and well sound dampened so that they are private. Each suite has its own refresher with a large bathtub and shower and lots of white tile. Each suite has a large comfortable bed (think king/queen sized), cabinets, small entertainment system, and a desk w/ chair. There is a repulsor lounge chair in each suite. Also each suite has an aqualish bio-light panel mounted on one wall. Each suite also has its own automated laundry cleaning facitily. Furnishings are all in high quality and comfort materials. Floors (except in the refresher) are covered in mostly red thick plush carpeting with some silver and gold designs.
Passenger Lounge: The Passenger Lounge is a very large common room with large windows to the sides. There are comfy leather couches scattered about, some small tables with chairs, entertainment systems, and shelves. There are 3 repulsor lounges here as well as 3 aqualish bio-light panels mounted around the room. There is also a full bar with barstools. There is also access to the General Refresher for this deck.
Formal Dinning Room: A large long table is in the center of this room and is surrounded by high backed chairs. It can seat 30 people comfortably. Lighting is by gold and silver chandeliers with crystals. There are some cabinets around the sides of the room that store dishes, silverware, and servingware. The floor is finished in a very well done synthetic hardwood style.
Main Galley: A full kitchen is available here as well as a high quality autochef. There are exits to the Bar and to the Formal Dinning Room. There is also a 4mx4m lift that goes down to the Food & Beverage Storage on L1 and to the Cargo compartment. Access to the Lift is locked.
General Refresher: A fancy public restroom type refresher. Several stalls and several sinks.

Deck 2.5
This is a mostly a Maintenance Accessway deck. Only normal access to this deck is from the Crew Accessway (fwd) or the Sloped Hall. Mtx Accessways are 1.1m wide by 1.1m high. On this deck though, the Crew Accessway opens into the Sloped Hall next to the Bridge.
Bridge: The bridge is spacious and comfortable. Controls are all clearly labeled in basic. There is lots of brass trim and the seats are all very comfy and leather. There are 5 seats with control stations.
Sloped Hall: This hallway leads from the hallway on deck 3 to the Bridge here on deck 2.5. Off of this hall, there is the door at the upper end to the hall on deck 3, 2 small doors to the Mtx Accessways, access to the upper end of the Crew Accessway, and the locked sealed door to the Bridge. Over the door to the Bridge is a brass sign that says “Bridge”.

Deck 3
Exiting the doors from either the Spiral Stairs or the Lift you are in a antechamber with a large transparasteel door to the aft with a brass sign over it saying “Beach”, and a smaller (only 2m wide) set of locked doors to the fwd with a brass sign over it saying “Crew Only”. Behind the “Crew Only” doors is a hallway that goes around the Captain’s Suite (with access to the Captain’s Suite from fwd and aft) and then all the way forward are doors labeled “To Bridge”.
Pool/Beach/HotTub: Going from the antechamber through the transparasteel door labeled “Beach” shows it actually goes into an airlock to seal the “Beach” from the rest of the ship with both the inner and outer doors made of transparasteel. Through the airlock you find yourself on a white sand beach. The beach is wide enough for a few beach loungers to be set up, and then it goes into a decent sized pool. The pool is sloped away from the beach and at the far end is about 8 ft deep. To one side is what appears to be a natural rock formation rising out of the beach with steps carved into it on the beach side and a waterfall coming over the top and into the pool on the pool side. At the top of the “rock formation” is a 10 person hottub that seems to be carved out of the rocks and has water flowing over the waterfall into the pool. The walls and ceiling in this room have many windows and skylights to let the bathers enjoy the scenery outside.
Sloped Hall: This is the upper end of the Sloped Hall between the Bridge on deck 2.5 and the hallway on deck 3.
Captain’s Suite: The doors to the Captain’s Suite are the same as the doors to the Pax Suites, but there is one fore and one aft, and on the outside they have brass signs on them labeled “Captain’s Suite”. The suite includes a full refresher that has a large bathtub and shower, and lots of black tile. There is also a small study/office. The suite does also have the same automated laundry facilities as the pax suites. The central part of the suite, however, is the master bedroom. Here there is a large 4 post canopy bed (think of California king size) made of finely crafted wood and with red satin sheets and diaphanous silver curtains/canopy, the headboard seems to be a large mirror. One repulsor lounge sits in one corner, and there is an aqualish bio-light panel mounted on one wall. There is a small entertainment system as well as computer access. The floor is a very thick and plush carpet of black but with a multitude of intricate designs in red, silver, and gold. There are several skylights as well, including a large one over the bed. Around the room are cabinets and shelves built into the walls. Pressing a secret button on each of 2 of the cabinets closest to the bed opens a hidden compartment with racks holding a large variety of sex toys designed for use on a variety of different females. Behind the two hidden compartments is a code locked scanner resistant compartment where Velen usually keeps any illegal goods.

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