Kitonaks are one of the toughest species in the galaxy. Their tough, leathery hide can withstand all but the roughest abrassions, acting as a natural armor that covers the Kitonak totally, sealing all bodily openings. In fact, with the exception of their arms and feet, nothing of significant vulnerability protrudes from their bodies.
Kitonaks have two pudgy arms, each ending in four short, stubby — yet surprisingly nimble — fingers. Their mushroom-cap heads have two eyes, ears, and a mouth, none of which are obvious to the casual observer.
Dexterity 1D/3D
Knowledge 1D+2/3D+2
Mechanical 2D/4D
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 2D+1/4D
Technical 1D/3D

Natural Armor: The Kitonak's skin provides +3D against physical attacks.
Move: 4/8
Pip Cost: 1

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