The Klatooinan people have been in the service of the Hutts since before the rise of the Old Republic. They were co-signers of an ancient contract that placed them, the Nikto and the Vodrans into Hutt servitude. Now, as the fire of Rebellion burns across the galaxy, a number of Klatooinans have rejected the Hutts as their masters, and begun the search for their own identities.
The Klatooinans are tall, humanoid beings with coarse skin ranging in color from olive green to dark brown. They have flat, vaguely canine muzzles, and dark eyes under heavy brows.
Dexterity 2D/4D+1
Knowledge 1D/3D
Mechanical 2D/4D
Perception 1D/3D+2
Strength 2D/4D
Technical 2D/4D
Pip Cost: 1

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