Real Name: (Currently unknown to her)

Nickname: Koy.

Species: Twi'lek.

Gender: Female.


Koy is a blue Twi'lek with the small frame for a body.. Thin and muscular it resembles that of ballerina for a lack of better words. She doesn't have any distinctive lekku patterns or tattoos however there are some barley noticeable circular scars on both of her lekku's. Both her wrists and ankles also bear these faint signs of scaring.. At a distance all of these marking are unnoticeable but if one knows where to look they are more than obvious and even faintly resemble burns..


Koy comes across as trying to be friendly and playful.. She will often crack jokes and guide conversations away from area's she's not comfortable talking about or being part of however this often comes across as an awkward and uncomfortable conversation.. Often making things worse instead of better..

Medical Notes:

Koy is currently suffering from a sever case of amnesia as well as some major underlying physiological issues from her previous life. To help remedy this she is currently participating in therapy in hopes of elevating a few of these subconscious issues. Velen or as koy's been calling him "DOC" has been very kind to her as he is currently acting as her private therapist at no charge. With Velens expert advice they are working threw her deeply rooted psychological issues. She soon hopes to be an active and productive member of society under his careful watch and helpful guidance.

Medical Addenda 1 "The amnesia".

The First Therapy session. "Whats up Doc".

Koy's Personal Video Denotations

Current Possessions:

One set of evening attire not too fancy yet elegant. This seems to have been adapted for casual use by crossing a tech belt with gloves and boots.

1 Fake Imperial Id.
1 Fake Xis Corp Id.
1 Standard Utility Knife (STR+1 dmg)
1 Deck of slightly used Sabacc Cards {Ironically won in a game of Sabacc}
1 Comlink.. "Borrowed from someone she passed by on the street"
1 Kit of miscellaneous tools.. (Security Kit +1D6 Security skill)
1 Pair of Lekku, Ankle, and Wrist Restraints. With no key.. These look like they used to be a slave color rig..
2 R2 Droids
1 Medium Freighter.

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