Krail 210 Personal Armor

Equipment / Protective Gear / Powersuits

Model: Modified Krail Armory Model 210 Personal Armor
Type: Modified personal battle armor
Skill: Powersuit operation: Krail 210 armor
Cost: (with all modifications) 26,000
Availability: Basic suit is “X” on most planets; modified suit is unique

Game Effect:

  • Basic Suit: +2D to Strength for energy attacks, +3D to physical attacks; -1D to Dexterity and related skills. Suit has a Move of 16, with movement rolled on powersuit operation skill
  • Power Suit: +1D to lifting.
  • Sensor Pod: +1D to search.
  • Sealed Enviro Filter: Filter system can block out harmful molecules, or in case of insufficient or deadly atmosphere, the suit can completely seal, drawing upon a two-hour internal supply of oxygen.
  • Modifications
    • Integral Internal Line Slinger: 20-meter range. Can attach to grappling or magnetic hooks. Uses missile weapons skill.
    • Jet Pack: Has a Move of 100 meters horizontally, 70 meters vertically. Uses jet pack operation skill, base difficulty is Ease, modified by obstacles. Has 20 charges, can expend up to two per round.
    • Winch: Capable of lifting 100 kg
    • Internal Dual Force Blades: STR+3D damage, Moderate melee combat difficulty.

Source: Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim (page 31)

NOTE: These suits are custom made. And each individual suit is considered a work of art by its maker.

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