Lab Log 1

Barab I was in view, and R2 was already seeing us through the labyrinth of space lanes to lead us to the spaceport.

I had commed ahead to alert LX I would be there, leaving a message. R2 opted to stay behind with his 'love' the Dustbunny, and I had no objections. It sure smells a lot better onboard now that Stinky Doo has found a new home. I felt it was only appropriate to thank Gen. Castell in the best manner I could think of, and Kas'Tor agreed with me. So After he knocked the little monkey out long enough to be gift wrapped, we sent it off to it's new home, and now mine is stink free once more. I had everything I needed as far as clothes went, figuring I'd be staying here for a while, but I picked up the present I found for Xakon.

The flat was lonesome without Squibie, but I needed some time alone and away from anyone that didn't have silken chestnut fur and a tail. I set the sample of Purple Grass on the counter by the bar and watered it a little, then took a shower and slipped into a silk shift. I wasn't really in the mood to go to the lab just yet, and I was still toying around with what I planned to do with the baridium cores: turn them into thermal wells, detonators, or pack an extra punch to the concussion missles on the Bunny.

I turned on the holo-net and poured a drink. A news flash came on about the Butcher Of Naviba having been taken out. I didn't let the story continue, I didn't have to. It turns out that Gen. M' Rath, a Bothan I had met briefly ove a year ago, was captured by Imperials. I turned the net off and and sat there thinking.

I've been sent in time and again to retrieve missing opps, and all this time I've assumed that should anything ever happen that there would be some tem member there to find me. Now I'm not so sure, though I am happy for Squibie and Sis. I know without a doubt that they'd come for me, as I would for them.

I would have caved after a few months of interrigation. I know what they do. I would have turned coat, and hell, I would've returned the favor to the rebellion by blowing the hell out of bases. Not too far off from what M'Rath did, I guess…

I must have had one too many, because the next thing I knew LX was at the door and one of the bottles of port was empty. I told LX I was going to be in the lab later that day…apparently it was the day after I had arrived…and that I also had a gift and a note for his master.

LX prepped everything in the lab and took the Purple Grass to Xakon for me. I hope that he likes it, though I am sure it doesn't compare to anything in his fabulous garden.

I thought about the baridium while I suited up. Don't want to get radiation poisoning afterall, especailly not on the surface of the planet. Thermal wells wouldn't work so well, and they lack that…BOOM!
I turned all 50 cores into thermal detonators. It was great to just concentrate on explosives without worry, they've never hurt me before. Well, not until recently, but that was stupidity on my own own part. No, I trust my grenades just fine.

I set up the special aniversary gift in a display case in the lab and left. It looks like I'll be spending some time here on Barab I for a while.

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