Lab Log 3

"Welcome back, Reon" the automated voice chimed as the lab doors opened and the lights slowly flickered. Jynx stepped into the lab and glanced around at the pristine equipment and the clear cages along the wall at her future test subjects. The breeding pair of Pikara had offered her up an unlimited supply of subjects and as she had promised ChiChi they wouldn't ever turn up at their little love nest she had decided to keep some of the access offspring here.

She checked on their welfare, they were well kept in their separate cages. She had made it a point not to get attached to any of them since their outlook on life might be short lived.

Jynx sighed and reached out for her lab coat, finding the little static guard bracelet in the pocket which she slipped onto her wrist. She spent a few minutes going through her lab since it had been a while since she had used it, preferring to spend as much of her time back home on Barab with ChiChi as she could when given leave. The last few months had been erratic with her stay in the Discovery med bay to being reinstated in field. And her first mission back had been with Chimera and Vandin, which hadn't been as comforting as she had hoped.

At least I am in one piece this time she mused.

Her last mission hadn't been so great either, she supposed. She reflected on it as she gathered a crate of frag grenades she had recently purchased and placed them on the work table along with a b rick of detonite explosives. She had made some of her frags pack an exta punch and was beginning to run low on those. She planned to make a few more, realizing that she would have to go shopping for more explosives soon. She had taken to regular shopping trips with Sara to the black markets on Socorro, where she found she was given a fair discount by her supplier for buying in bulk as well as bartering some of her modified explosives.

She checked the batch of chemicals she had left to stew on her previous trip to the lab, deciding to concoct a few less lethal or noticeably so, toys for her use i n the field. They had matured well and were ready to be put into capsules by now. She made a mental note to do so in the morning.

Finally ready, Jynx sat down in her work chair and pulled her hair back out of her face and pulled out a set of tools. She picked up the brick of detonite first and began to shape her charges, being sure to keep them small. To the untrained eye they wound up looking like strips of chewing gum, which she was fond of carrying around with her on missions and made it easy to blow open doors when security needed to be cleared. She focused on the task at hand, enjoying her time doing what she excelled at. It always made her smile to know that something so deadly waited in such a quaint little package, and it made her think of ChiChi with fondness.

He was cute and cuddly, but a world of trouble sometimes.

She finished the charges in no time and moved on to opening the grenades one by one and laying them out in a neat little row. She used her finer tools for the job, and carefully added in the detonite charges to the internals of the grenades. No one would be the wiser to the extra damage but her.

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