Last Goodbye

Dear Diary,

I was finally able to return home to Kalandis, it was too bad it had to be for the wrong reasons.

ChiChi walked me right in as his bounty. My father was actually glad I was home, it was good to feel his embrace even if it was for the briefest of moments.

He wanted me to stay, to be what it is in his mind I am meant for. I am sad I couldn't, I need to be something a little different from his ideals. It hurts to be on the opposing side for the first time in a long time.

My mother was her usual charming self. Expectations I could never achieve. Of course she hated ChiChi. She tried to seize the power from my father by taking us in. I had been afraid that they would try to net me and whoever came with me on this trip to gain a step up in the Empire. I am surprised my father didn't feel the same way.

I wish now that he could have come with us, that things could have been different. Taylor is in the most trouble, I fear.

I can't go back home after this. I am happy my father and I aren't at such odds as I had imagined us to be at. I am happy to know that he does love me afterall, and can respect me and my choices even if they don't mirror his. Though I suppose in a way that they do.

I hope this war ends soon, so that maybe I can go back home to him.

But what worries me is that after this fiasco that the Empire might back my mother instead. I hate to say this, but I hope he takes care of my mother…..even though I can't go back I know I will have to find out what happens to my father.


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