Last Visit From A Friend

Dee'lan sat in meditation of the Force. Targo had died and it felt like a lightsaber duel, somehow. The somehow was an interesting question, and pondering it was a good way to ease the sorrow. "There is no emotion, there is peace."
She felt a shimmer, and Targo was there. He sat cross-legged as always. Though he wasn't normally a translucent shade of blue.
"Well Stinky, would you like to hear the good news or the bad news first?"
"I am grieved by your death, Targo."
"Well, that takes care of the bad news!" Snort. "The good news is that when I went to Paradise, the damage wasn't nearly as bad as rumored. Jinxie actual goes around telling people she blew up half the place, hah! The Ulgors have several beat up P-38s. You'll have to do a bit of maintenance, but we had planned on you're replacing many of the aging systems anyway."
"Material things are not that important. Why don't you tell me what happened, hmm?"
"Dee'lan it was stupid, if not criminally wastefull. Chimera, Mrrvyn and I were chasing down a saboteur on the Discovery during the fleet action. The spy pulled out a red lightsaber and I did a weak telekinetic pull on it to distract him. Except it was a non-sensitive pulling a bluff and the Force responded a bit too strongly to my will. After that I helped repair the ship, and ran off to Ruess VIII. I figured if a Force Hunt was on, then that was far enough to show that they weren't willing to follow me outside of the Imperial borders. And if they did, nowhere was far enough… And it was Vader! You'd think Darth Vader had better things to do than look for one lone semi-Jedi. Like I told Fen, he asked me come over to the Dark Side & I said no. Then there was a brief duel; he toyed with me a bit before finishing me off. I guess he doesn't get much practise these days. He did note my Tappani style thrusts, though."
"Vader didn't like what he saw on Ruess VIII either. It is, or was rather, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. He had the Executor blast it to smithereens. Took my Mobquet & P-38 with it. So much for my unimportant material things."
"You've spoken to Fen? You _are_ strong enough for the Trials then. It felt like it, but you didn't seem to be interested. Silo told me that you didn't feel you were the stuff Jedi were made out of, but that this conversation was years ago. That you had changed a great deal from the slick Helix, con-man and forger you were when you two first met."
"I have changed greatly; becoming Force Sensitive will do that to a guy. And yes, I've spoken to Fen. I said goodbye to Chimera before I fled the Discovery. Sadly, you are last person I need to meet to sever my links to this level of existence. Forty two years, and only three people who really matter. I must have done something wrong."
"No Targo, some people have even less. Let go of your feelings; there is no passion, there is serenity."
"Yes Dee'lan, I feel it to be true. Though it seems contradictory that I have to die to really understand. One last thing. Choth was holding on to the holicron of the Order of the Silver Battle Masters. Only when I talked to him last, he didn't have it, and wasn't strong enough with the Force to use it. He put it into safe keeping, fearing to store it on the Discovery, and now can't get it back without going through some unspecified contortions. It's been sitting around unused for more than a year; see if you can't nudge him into getting it back. It's high time he stopped playing dog in the manger."
"I will. I promised Silo the holicron would not go unused. Is that all?"
"Yes, a feeling of peace sweeps over me. It is even stronger than the one I felt when I died. Meditate with me one final time."
Dee'lan closed her eyes and resumed her meditation. She could feel Targo center himself before her. After at timeless time, she felt his aura slowly fade away.
Such is the way of the Force.

Major General Targo Helix, Rebel Alliance, retired.

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