Liefde Thuis

Registered Owner: Baron Van Velen-Asgara
Bounties Against Ship: None
Craft: Custom/Modified Brafthflen Corp. Manollium-class Herdship
Era: Old Republic/Rise of the Empire
Source: Adventure Journal 15 pg 166
Type: Luxury
Scale: Capital
Length: 980
Skills: Capital Ship Piloting 8D, Sensors 8D, Shields 8D, Communications 8D, Astrogation 12D (14D incl nav computer), Counter Slicing 22D
Crew: 44 Gunners: 6
Droid Crew: 763
Passengers: Luxurious Seat Only Prisoners Crew Family Other Pax
50 1,000 10 130 120
Medbay: Clinic +2D Clinic = 20 Patients & 1 Bacta Tank
Cargo Capacity: 1,000 Hidden: 50mt Hidden 10mt Scanner Resistant
Consumables: 368 days
Hangar Bay Capacities: Speeder Starfighter Yachts/Transports
25 5 5
Machine Shop: Improved +2D
Base Ship Cost: 4,060,157
Current Ship Value (Est): 6999632 Including Estate & Droidcrew
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x4
Hyperdrive Backup: x14
Nav Computer: Yes Advanced +2D
Maneuverability: 0D
Space: 1
Atmosphere: 210 : 600 kph
Hull: 4D
Shields: 4D
Sensors: External Internal
Type Range Bonus Type Range Bonus
Passive: 250 2D Passive: 500m 2D
Scan: 800 3D Scan: 600m 3D
Search: 1500 4D Search: 700m 4D
Focus: 18 6D Focus: 100m 6D
Sensor Mods (both systems): EPR's, FST's, DER's, and LFI's
Type: Tractor Beam (Capital) Type: Tractor Beam (Starfighter)
Fire Arc: Turret (rear) Fire Arc: 4 Turrets (R,L,F,A)
Skill: Capital ship gunnery Skill: Gunnery
Scale: Capital Scale: Starfighter
Fire Control: 2D Fire Control: 4D
Space Range: 1-5/15/30 Space Range: 1-3/8 /12
Atmo Range: 100-500m/1.5km/3km Atmo Range: 100-300m/800m/1.2km
Damage: 5D Damage: 7D
General Description: A 1 km x 1 km x 250 m vessel. Designed to be able to sit in water and look like an atoll with a mansion and estate in the caldera. The outer wall of the atoll is 20 m thick and stands 50 m above the water level (10 m above the estate level). There are dual retractable & sealable domes that go from the top outer edge of the atoll wall and encases the estate (max height is 50 m above the top of the atoll wall) (depending on status either it is open topped, looks open, or is a mirrored dome). Beneath the surface the vessel goes down another 140 meters with all the machinery and drives etc of the ship, then there is a transparasteel observation deck on the bottom that extends down another 10 meters (the surface of the observation deck is artificial gravity inverted so you look up to look down into the depths of the water).

Other Funct Features: "Magnaseal airlock over the top dome would allow for possibly having the dome retracted in space, but is not recommended for safety sake.
The Bridge of the ship is centrally located (and has no external viewport but has lots of monitors).
Prison block has secured cells that are +2D to the difficulty to break in/out of.
Sensors have EPR's, FST's, DER's, and LFI's.
Electromagnetic static field dampners covering the area of the ship, and exterior hull plating made of parasteel alloy B to help protect most of ship from effects of nebulas and other harmful to electronic fields.
There are dual retractable & sealable domes that go from the top outer edge of the atoll wall and encases the estate (max height is 50 m above the top of the atoll wall) (one is transparasteel and the other is parasteel alloy B and they are segmented so they retract into the wall).
The speeder hanger bay is in the atoll wall opposite the waterfall and has access to the exterior of the ship as well as into the estate area. There is also a smaller attached bay that opens below the waterline.
The starfighter hanger bay is in the front atoll wall and only has access to the exterior.
The transport hanger bay is in the rear. Access is either from through 50m x 110m horizontal opening door in the rear section of the estate (if the dome is open and ship is sitting in the water) or from below the water line if the ship is in air or space. It is large enough for ships the size of the Kersen Drukknoop to enter and exit.
Duplicate or better astrogation/navigation and internal security systems of the Kersen Drukknoop.
The entire ship is set up with a master droid personality matrix which interfaces with all other droidbrains and can interface verbally or holographically (in certain areas) with crew & passengers.
Set up to look like trying to cover most of the grounds and important areas of the ship are fake security cameras which have high voltage running through the cables that would normally be the video/computer feed so that if anyone connects to them to try to slice into the system it will fry their computer. Entire internal area of estate and most of the ship sections have hidden UV-IR holorecording (hidden behind two way mirrors, glass beads in decorations, etc). The best focus being on the interior of the mansion, water features/beach, secluded areas of the estate, and the areas that look like blind spots for the fake security cameras. The recordings from the guest suites and other ""private"" areas are stored/accessed separately from the rest (and don't show up in the system unless you have access to them).
There is a second sensor system that is Space Transport Scale and covers the entire interior of the ship (centrally located) Passive 5/3D, Scan 6/4D, Search 7/5D, Focus 1/6D with all the sensor options (EPR's, FST's, DER's, and LFI's), this system feeds into the internal security system.
The medbay (clinic) and the machine shop are both in the ship sections. But there is a turbolift from the Mansion directly to the medbay.
Also in the ship section is a set of training rooms for training field operatives/employees (includes a track and obstacle course as well as a library and areas for training various other skills and storage for mission equipment).
Access to ""ship"" sections is restricted.
Starfighter scale tractor beams are on turrets mounted at the 4 compass points on the outside top of the atoll wall. Capital scale tractor beam is on a turret on the outside top rear of the atoll wall.
50 metric tons of Hidden cargo storage (1 ton per passenger, in mansion). Each has a safe in it with a high quality electronic biometric lock (keyed to fingerprints, Security 30 to bypass).
10 metric tons of Scanner Resistant cargo storage (accessible only from the master suite and is located on the dungeon level)."

Estate Features: "Luxurious 3 above ""ground"" level Mansion in the center of the estate with master suite (10 luxury pax - 4 as one bedroom then 6 individual bedrooms) and 20 guest suites (2 luxury pax each), grand ballroom (with ability to have sections for 0g dancing), a full theatrical capable concert/play hall, a casino, several offices & studies, sitting rooms, a library, a formal dining room, and a basement level ""playroom"". Beneath the basement level ""playroom"" is another level that is a fully functional and secure prison for up to 10 prisoners. There are mutliple secret passages hidden around the mansion. The master suite and some of the guest suites are on the top level and have transparasteel ceilings that are one way mirrored (so can see out but those outside cannot see in). The Mansion has 3 wings (2 larger sweeping aft to each side have all the guest suites, 1 smaller goes forward and is mostly the master suite). There are several balconies on the 2nd & 3rd above ground levels of the mansion. There is also a central tower with an observation deck that is only 10 m below the peak of the dome over the atoll. There is a lower observation deck (on the bottom center of the entire vessel) with artificial gravity so that you stand upside down in it and the dome is transparasteel so all that is below and around the ship may be viewed. There is a turbolift that goes from the top of the central tower to the levels of the mansion (except for the true dungeon) and all the way down to the lower observation deck (does not have access to any of the ship sections, only the passenger areas), gravity plane is adjusted only when arriving at the lower observation deck.
Service Houses on one end of the estate which has the quarters for all the organic crew/staff for the vessel & estate and their families as well as any non-luxury guests.
There are ""underground"" passages connecting to the Mansion as well as other areas of the estate and ship so that servants & crew may go to/from their quarters and where they work without disturbing the grounds unnecessarily.
There is a hedge maze filling at least a quarter of the ""estate"" grounds, with lots of secluded areas with benches or fountains or small pools.
There is a large open area for holding outdoors events.
On the top edge of one side of the atoll wall is a large waterfall that falls down into a large deep pool designed to look like a normal lake inside an atoll with white sand beaches on the sides not against the atoll wall. Designed so that one could dive from the cliff into the lake if one wants to.
Against one atoll wall is a secluded set of artificial hot springs (set up like a natural Japanese style hot springs, but not separated into male/female sides).
There are several areas around the inside of the atoll wall where there are handholds built in for rock climbing (different areas have different difficulty levels).
Zip lines may be set up between the observation tower and various locations around the estate.
There are tropical plants and trees around the rest of the estate and around other features to add to the look/feel.

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