Life Bond

Life Bond
Control Difficulty
spaceM (15)
Sense Difficulty
spaceE (10) – user is aware of general location and emotional state
spaceM (15) – user experiences the other’s senses, both share experiences;
space space spIf one gets a wound the other bonded person suffers a wound of one level lesser.
spaceD (20) – telepathically linked (as per Receptive Telepathy)
spaceVD (25) – telepathically linked (as per Projective Telepathy)
Required PowersLife Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy
Power may be kept ‘up’. (The bond is permanent, but requires skill roles to utilize it.)
Time to use – 1D weeks
Effect – The Force-user forms a mental bond with another person with the effects listed for their Sense roll. The effects are cumulative. In addition the two characters can sense premonitions about each other. For example, if one character is severely wounded the other will sense that something “bad” has happened. This is a Sense skill check modified by proximity as follows:
spaceAutomatic – if within 1,000km
spaceVE (5) – if on same planet but more than 1,000km
spaceE (10) – if in same star system but on different planet
spaceM (15) – if not in same star system but less than 10 light years
spaceD (20) – if between 10 – 100 light years away
spaceVD (25) – if more than 100 light years away
Both characters must agree to the bonding for the power to work and a character may only life bond with one other individual. They may not share skills, attributes, Force Points or character points. However, since the characters do have such a close bond, the actions of one can effect the other. If a life-bonded character commits an evil action, the Force-user’s partner receives a Dark Side Point even though these actions were not the Force-user's fault. During the time to bond the two characters the Force-user’s Control skill is at –1D. The life bond power may not be activated until the bond is completely formed. The only means of severing the bond is the death of one of the characters. The surviving partner enters a near-catatonic state of shock of 1D days. After reawakening, the partner grieves and readjusts to a solitary existence; all die codes are reduced by -1D for the same amount of time it took to forge the life bond.
Any attempt to forge a new life-bond in the future requires a longer period of adjustment: 2D weeks for the second, 3D weeks for the third, and so on.
Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p.54

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