Life Detection

Life Detection
Sense Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – if the subject is Force-sensitive, modified by relationship
spaceM (15) – modified by relationship
Power may be kept ‘up’.
Effect – Allows the Force-user to detect sentient beings within 10 meters who might otherwise remain hidden from normal senses. When the power is activated, the Force-user knows the location of all sentient beings within 10 meters - if the power is kept "up," the Force-user may know whenever a sentient approaches within 10 meters of them or vice versa.
When a sentient creature approaches or is approached by the Force-user, make a sense roll for the Force-user and each creature makes an opposed Control or Perception roll to avoid detection (These rolls don't count as actions, so there are no die code penalties). If the Force-user beats the roll by 10 or more, they are aware if this person has Force skills (yes/no), is Force-sensitive, if they have met the person before, and their identity if known.
Located – 2nd Edition Revised Rulebook p.146

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