Life Web

Life Web
Sense Difficulty
spaceVE (5) – population in tens of billions, modified by proximity
spaceE (10) – population in billions, modified by proximity
spaceM (15) – population in hundreds of millions, modified by proximity
spaceD (20) – population in tens of millions, modified by proximity
spaceVD (25) – population in millions, modified by proximity
spaceH (30) – population in hundreds of thousands, modified by proximity
Required PowersLife Detection, Life Sense, Sense Force
Time to use – Two days (or more)
Effect – This power is used to detect large concentrations of members of a specific species, such as humans, Rodians, or Wookies, for example. When the power is used successfully, the user senses the general direction that leads to the population. If the user beats the difficulty by 10 or more points, the approximate distance is known as well (i.e., hundreds or thousands of kilometers, or light years, for example).
This power may not be used to detect a population less than 100,000 individuals.
This power requires at least 2 days of continuous concentration. For each additional two days spent the user gets an additional +1D to the Sense roll.

Note – The Force-user MUST choose one specific intelligent species as a specialization. The Force-user must be familiar with the species. Additional species specializations may be acquired at the cost of 3 character points per additional species.

Located – Tales of the Jedi Companion Sourcebook p.49

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