Skills / Strength Skills

Time Taken: One round.

Lifting is a character's ability to lift heavy objects; it's also the character's ability to carry something for a long time. The difficulty depends on the weight of the object and how long it will be carried.
When a character first lifts an object, he must make a lifting check. At each interval listed on the chart below, the character has to make another check to see if he can continue to carry the object or is so exhausted that he must put it down.
If the character fails a roll, he must immediately put the object down. If the character matches the difficulty level, he can do nothing but concentrate on carrying the object for that time while walking.
If the character beats the difficulty by more than one level, the character can do other actions while carrying the weight, but lifting the object always counts as an action.
Please note that for repeated Heroic actions, the difficulty should escalate (for example, a first Heroic action might have a difficulty number of 30; the second one might have a difficulty of 35; the third might have a difficulty number of 45, and so forth).

Weight space space Difficulty Level
10kgspace space space sVery Easy
50kgspace space space sEasy
100kgspace space spacesModerate
200kgspace space spacesDifficult
500kgspace space spacesVery Difficult
750kgspace space spacesHeroic
1 metric tonspace spacesHeroic +10
1.5 metric tonsspace spaHeroic+20
2 metric tonsspace spaceHeroic+30
2.5 metric tonsspace spaHeroic+40
3 metric tonsspace spaceHeroic+50

Increase the difficulty based on how long the character wishes to lift the object:

Timespace space spaceDifficulty Level Increase
1-6 roundsspace space space(up to 30 seconds)
7 rounds-3 minutesspace spac+1 difficulty level
Up to 10 minutesspace spaces+2 difficulty levels
Up to 30 minutesspace spaces+3 difficulty levels
Up to 1 hourspace space spac+4 difficulty levels

After the first hour, the character must make a new lifting or Strength roll every hour at the same difficulty as for one hour. If the character fails the roll, the character must rest for twice as long as he was lifting the heavy weight.

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