Light Lance

Time Taken: One round.

Light Lance is the "melee combat" skill used for the light lance, a variant of a lightsaber. While a very powerful weapon, a lightlance is dangerous to an unskilled user — if an attacking character misses the attack difficulty number by 10 or more points, then the character has injured himself with the weapon and rolls damage against his own Strength.
Light Lance can also be used as a "reaction skill" to parry brawling, lightsaber and melee combat attacks. Force Users can parry blaster bolts with a light lance, but that's only because they have the Lightsaber Combat Force power; it's very, very difficult for a character without the power to parry blaster shots.

Example: Ana Tathis is using her light lance to strike at a pirate intent on harming her friends. Her light lance skill is 5D and the light lance's difficulty is Difficult (her difficulty number is a 20). Ana's player rolls her skill dice and gets a 21 — she hits. If she had rolled a 10 or lower, Ana would have underestimated the momentum of her attack maneuver and sliced herself with her own lightsaber, causing 5D damage to herself.

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