Lightsaber Construction

Often considered the mark of a “true” Jedi is the creation of their own lightsaber. This task is long and involved and not considered easy, but there are definite benefits to its completion. Before anyone can attempt this process they must have the Lightsaber Engineering advanced skill. Anyone can learn the Lightsaber Engineering advanced skill. It requires 5D in the Lightsaber Repair skill prior to standard learning (see Section III #5). It is possible for someone to learn Lightsaber Engineering (A) through an event, but the skill cannot be raised or used in addition to Lightsaber Repair rolls until they have Lightsaber Repair at 5D. Be aware that for Jedi Knight perspectives the use of shortcuts, such as using crystals that have already been Focused, etc. in building their personal lightsaber as part of the process of becoming a Jedi Knight is looked down upon as taking the easy path and could temporarily block the character from becoming a Jedi Knight. Jedi must completely build 1 personal lightsaber from scratch as part of the requirements to be a Jedi Knight.

Basic Construction/Assembly
Focusing the Crystals
Attuning the Crystals
Lightsaber Variable Creation Options

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