Log 1

Koys Logs / koy

As the recording starts Koy is sitting on her bed with what looks like a whole lot of computer parts laid out before her. There are also several shells of data pads next to her.. She seems to be stripping out the components for some reason..

Well today I met her.. I'm not sure what will come of it. There are so many questions I want to ask.. Ive been told that I might make a good student. We shall see… Though I'm extremely curious as to what she can actually start teaching me..

Koy bites the end of a screw driver and thinks for a second..

She said it would be difficult.. I think if she will take me on im going to go threw with it. Perhaps it will help in the long run.. Sort some things out.. Maybe set this right..

Either way..

With a look of surprise koy jumps up and grabs the camera.

OH! I almost forgot! DOC gave me something amazingly cool today.

As the camera swings around towards what looks like a tailor droid standing in the corner who is currently working feverishly on a jumpsuit.

I'm going to call him stitch! Its my own personal tailor droid! I owe him big time for this one.

The recording then bounces the rest of the way across the room and is sat down on a desk.. Koy flops down in the seat next to the desk in a kinda whimsical voice she begins speaking again.

I need a ship.. As she's now chewing on a pencil..

Anyways its time for me to crash.. My first lesson starts tomorrow.. We have some mission we are headed out to do or something. Should be gone for a few weeks.

With that she reaches up and flips the recording back into darkness

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