Log 1 The Journey Begins

<Setting> A lonely crew cabin aboard the Discovery

A somewhat plump male Sullustan sits on his bunk, caressing his new Disruptor pistol. Thoughts of the past few months working for the Rebellion keep going through his head. It seems he finds it hard to believe he actually is starting to care for these people, and the Lady General is kind of cute…for a human.

"Well boys," as I look down at my pistols (one a SoroSuub Renegade, the other his new Disruptor), "I think it is time to put our more criminal past behind us and throw in with these folks. Now what is someone like me going to do to help out in this Galatic struggle? Sure I go on missions for them every now and then, some of them important and it is those that make me feel good."

Still holding and talking to some of his favorite things in the Galaxy, the short, somewhat roundish Sullustan continues…

"I need to feel like I am making a difference! My nature and you two," as he playfully twirls them gunfighter-style, "tend to leave the more legal jobs out. Now if only there was something the Alliance needed done that was a little more shady, almost piratically (as he rubs his new pirate-clan brand), that would be right up our alley!"

"Oh, look at the Chrono boys, it is time for that lecture about Imperial Ground Tactics or some such nonsense. All I know is the Lady General is supposed to be there." With a slight flourish, I put 'the boys' away for a while.

Wandering down the corridor after a riveting lecture, led by some of the combat masters in the sector, I happen to see a listing on the job board of the Discovery. It seems that the Alliance is attempting to reform an older program called Privateering. As I lean closer to get a better look (curse these bright hallways, makes everything so hard to see) I see that the description given on the flyer seems like it is pirating under a different name. There is some nonsense about an Alliance Observer whatever that means.

I think to myself, this seems too good to be true. The Alliance wants someone to prey on Imperial Shipping? That is right down my tunnel! A quick grab of the flyer and I am off looking for someone who can tell me where to go about this job!

<Fade Out> A Sullustan struting down the passageway, whistling a merry tune that happens to sound a bit like Yo Ho…Yo Ho…A Pirate's Life for Me….

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