Log 2

koy / Koys Logs

The recording flips back on with koy wearing a towel with another wrapped around her lekku. She flops down on the bed before beginning to speak..

Ok.. So this last mission was wierd as hell.. We went to this place and tried to get hired.. That failed.. badly.. Then we tried to hoodwink our way in.. That also failed.. Badly.. Then we ended up mining rocks..

So far i learned that i have absolutely NO idea what the small glowie rock vs the big glowie different color rock does. But aparently they are worth a lot to the empire..

We Met up with a crazy guy too, and them i almost got eaten by a womprat. I thought rats around this ship were bad.. OH MY GOD! these things were like 3 meters or something! OH and Ive been practicing that thing Lady Jawa showed me.. Oh yea! I ended up calling her that for long term now.. I wont call her the other thing.. I wont call any one that ever again. But she was fine with Lady Jawa which is good. It gets some odd looks from others when i address her like that but I like it and she likes it so who cares what they think.

Koy blinks in an almost surprised look..

Wow.. I'm rambling again..

Looking down at the datapad..

Oh I figured out what ship I'm going to try and acquire.. Its a decent transport lots of space.. Ill knock out a few bulkheads and make a nice place to live on it.

I seem to be really good at computers now as she grins wickedly.. Im thinking about trying to learn some of the more advanced techniques for violating a computer system.. Who knows… I have SOOO much going on now its great! I'm even starting to meet some new people.

As the buzzer for the door rings. Koy hops up and opens it..

OH Skyler! Come on in.. OH hold on one sec..

Koy runs back to the recorder and flips it off.

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