Log 3

koy / Koys Logs

The little recorder flips on.. Its obvious this was not the room from the previous recordings..

Koy begins to speak..

SOOO much to tell! I don't even know where to start!.

The recording device is picked up and begins to move down metal corridors. From behind the camera koy can still be herd chattering on..

So I managed to acquire that ship.. Turns out its harder to fly one of these than i expected so I had to buy some help.

As a door slides open to reveal a small bridge.

This is Trigger, and the one on the right is Boom. They actually are the ones to fly this tub around.. I managed to get a few other investors to actually be able to afford this in the long run but I think it was worth it..

Oh and this is Ping as she points to a MSE-6 Droid that seems to be hooked up to Trigger.. And that one over there is Boop also pointing to a MSE-6 droid who seems to be plugged into one of the consoles in the bridge.. Together they form my bridge crew! I'm not very good at this flying stuff but i hope to learn some day. Prehaps I can get someone to give me lessons..

recently my inability to do any thing but turn on the shields and angle them has become rather aparent.. Someone asked me to "tinker" with a sublight engine drive.. That went over REAL well.. Turns out you shouldn't hit engines with a hammer.. But i don't understand he told me to go back there and Make the engines smoke.. Sigh.. Men.. Ill never understand them..

Here hold this Boop.. As the camera is handed off to a small black pincher.. Now point it at me. There ya go. Koy comes back into view..

So far so good.. Ive made a few basic trade contacts. Made a little money on the side and my training with Lady Jawa seems to be going pretty well. She's Happy with my raw ability but I seem to be having trouble with application. Ive only learned a fraction of what she sez I need to know..

She's still pretty insistent I learn to fight with a specific weapon and I'm not sure I wana go threw with it.. A small Drawn out sigh escapes her mouth.

Anyways! I'm supposed to be teamed up with Skyler for the next few missions.. Should be fun.. Ive even started practicing my self.. As koy pulls out an odd looking pistol… Its not your standard blaster. Those are a little too flashy for me.. This thing shoots a dart that I should with some work be able to make chemical charges for.. So far im just using the stock darts.. Paralytic and explosive.. But we shall see in the long run what all i can cook up.

A light starts flashing on the com panel as the ship drops out of hyperspace. Koy quickly moves to turn the camera off..

Its time to go..

—- Bzzzpp.. ——-

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