Log 4

koy / Koys Logs

The recorder flickers back to life in what looks like the mess hall revealing koy and skyler before them is something that resembles food. Koy is giving instructions to something thats holding the camera.

Up a little.. There ya go. OK! so this most recent assignment was um.. Interesting.. I got to meat Leia, Han, and Chewie, and a small green dude i think his name was yoda.. I also ended up on a station that apparently was destroyed a few years back but not before it took out a planet.. Still not sure how to wrap my head around that one.

Skyler seems to be ignoring the camera and is continuing to eat..

OH! Skyler moved in, and so did my organic pilot.. Well he's not moved in in yet.. But he's said he's moving in.. We have been talking about setting up a more permanent base but I guess right now any thing we can call home is good.. Ended up on that mudball again.. Tartoine tatoine tapoine something like that.. Random desert planet that seems utterly useless but for some unexplainable reason HALF the things I end up doing involve that rock…

Koy looks a little sad as she begines to go into the next part..

I cost Velen his hand as well on the last mission.. I was incapable of matching the enemey set before us and it cost a friend.. We almost lost two in that one.. I managed to save his hand but that doesn't make up for the fact that my actions caused the pain and loss to begin with..

In a quiet almost brooding voice..

Ive decided.. Im going to learn to use that weapon Lady Jawa wants me to learn.. I will never let one of my friends go threw that again, and to think just the other day we were at a pool party on his ship..

OH! that reminds me, I managed to use some of the clothing / suits I got from my romp on dack. I do enjoy their swimwear and I finally got some time to talk to Velen about my specific skill set.. He gave me some good advice on it.. Well At least i think its good advice.. Though following it might have gotten his hand cut off.. Though.. Im not sure if he had given it to me at the time though.. So does that make it his fault?

Skyler looks over at koy from across the table and blinks.. What the hell are you babbling about now.. What advice. Whats who's fault?

Koy looks up from the camera with a startle.. OPS! I GTG!


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