Low Riders

Top Ten Things I Learned During a Frontal Assualt

  • 10) Surfing over Lava is never good for one's fur
  • 9) Blow Up Dolls do not last long in intense heat
  • 8) Jynx prefers to target people and not vehicles with a Concussion Missle Launcher
  • 7) Natural pilots should not claim such titles, it fills one with a false sense of security, especially when said pilot dips your barge into lava
  • 6) It's best to have music playing to help distract Chi Chi and Darius
  • 5) Female Power Armored Bounty Hunters with a Noble Title should not be asked to dance.
  • 4) If you do ask them to dance, expect them to lead
  • 3) Never argue with Slick, he doesn't listen
  • 2) Never aruge with Chi Chi, he doesn't listen either
  • 1) If Slick and Chi Chi are arguing with each other, take your orders from the blow up doll, at least she listens. Her orders also make more sense then from the two arguing.

Androsta Shadowstar

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