Luring Dark Jedi To Their Doom

So… evidently there's this problem with Dark Jedi hunting down some rebels looking for these three pieces of some dumb amulet. Well, a number of us got together and decided to set a trap for them on this out of the place asteroid where this "Jedi-Training" facility is. We figured we would use T'Thok as bait… and that I would lure the Dark Jedi to the party. Although T'Thok was really worried about my ability to bring the Dark Jedi there without bodily harm to myself.

Well, after helping Slick take out a slaver base as Dono the bounty hunter… I was able to turn in several slavers for a bounty solidifying my credentials. However, as I was tracking down the Dark Jedis through a secondary source I found out that the idiotic Barabel did something stupid and unforgivable. The lug got himself captured by the Empire. I figured I was going to kill him when I saw him… but then he went and did the next stupidest thing of his life. He got himself killed during a prisoner transfer. So considering I was due to meet with the Dark Jedi in a couple of days, I did the only other thing I could think of. I put a 40,000 credit bounty on Lyta Myris, and she was now the bait (of course I commed her first).

I meet with the Dark Jedi's and explained that I wanted to work with them. I heard they were looking for some objects which was rumored to be in the hands of several rebels. I wanted to get the bounty on this Lyta Myris and her companions. My proposition was that we could work together as I knew where they were at, but needed help taking out her friends. They could question any/all of the rebels as long as they were not killed and I got credit for the bounties. After answering some questions the fools bought it.

I went with them on their Capital Starships to the Jedi Training Facility, and as we were leaving the bridge I must have accidently dropped my Thermal Detonator in the Bridge Trash Receptical as I didn't notice it in my pocket on the way down. Well I couldn't point out my loss to my new "compatriots" as they may think I was inept or something. So I stayed quiet and listened as mumbo and jumbo provided battle instructions. I was to stay close to mumbo, which was my plan anyways as he had one of the pieces to this amulet, and I determined that if things went south he would NOT leave that asteroid alive with the piece.

Well, the fight was long and hard… and I'm sure I didn't make any friends during that mission as I didn't leave the Dark Jedi's side until the very end when I turned on him. The hardest part of the battle was watching what he was doing to Chimera. 'Course shooting Dath off of his speeder was far from the hardest, however pretending to kill him so the Jedi thought he was dead and would continue to be fooled by my role wasn't easy. It probably also saved his life, but I'm sure he doesn't see it that way.

The outcome of the battle was a victory for the Rebel Alliance, and as people started to head out I had to stop them. There were still Capital Starships out there taht needed to be dealt with. Calling in some additional rebel Starfighters proved to make short work of them, especially as one seemed to have a damaged bridge venting atmosphere. (I wonder how that happened….)

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