Home Planet: Lur
Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Skills:
Genetic Engineering (A): Time to use: One month to several years. Character must have genetics at 6D before studying genetic engineering. This skill is the knowledge of genetics and how to manipulate the genetic code of creatures to bring about desired traits. Characters with the skill can use natural substances, genetic code restructuring and a number of other techniques to create “designer creatures” or beings for specific tasks or qaulities.
Genetics: Time to use: One day to one month. Lurrians are masters of genetic engineering. This skill covers the basic knowledge of genetics, genetic theory and evolution.

Special Abilities:
Technological Ignorance: While the Lurrians have a highly advanced culture, it is based on engineered life forms rather than technology. They suffer a penalty of -2D when operating machinery, vehicles, normal weapons, and other items of technology. This penalty is incurred until the Lurrian has had a great deal of experience with technology.

Story Factors:
Genetics: Lurrians have highly developed knowledge of genetics. Lurrian characters raised in the Lurrian culture must place 2D of their beginning skill dice in genetics, (they may place up to 3D in the skill) but receive double the number of dice for the skill at the time of character creation.
Enslaved: Many Lurrians have been enslaved in recent years. Because of this, the Lurrians are fearful of humans and other aliens.

Move: 6/8
Size: 0.6-1.1 meters tall
Source: Alien Encounters (page 90), Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook (pages 135-136)

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