A rebel wedding?

Log Entry

Crash is getting married! I am thrilled that she has found some happiness in this mess we call living. It's been hard on her since Mord. A wedding, I never quite saw that coming. Real life and living - it doesn't seem like something rebels do. We just fight and fight and fight some more with every breath in our body dedicated to the downfall of the Empire. But here in all this Crash and Fen are getting married.

What that be like having married friends? I should do something. I have no idea what. Crash is one of my best friends, I want her to be happy.

Last time I was on Barab I brought Arkansas. Mama asked if there was going to be a wedding. Dave and I couldn't so no fast enough. Getting married as a force user doesn't seem real, or even as a rebel for that matter. Too many people dying all the time. I live for every moment, cause I never know when my number is up or when I am going to say good bye to a friend for the last time. I have already said good bye to more than a few friends.

I wonder if we will still be together after this war? I wonder if we will both be alive. Being a force user has been the most painful choice in my life, but I wouldn't change it - cause I can fight for a what I believe in. But I think it has cost me. I don't think I will ever get married. Just brief distance romances, like now, ARD is prefect cause I don't see him long enough to have any problems.

K- enough the hyper drive aren't tuning themselves Castel.


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