Lyta "Crash & Burn" Miris bel Iblis

Rank: Major General
Race: Human Homeworld: Coruscant
Age: 30s Gender: Female
Height: 5'4" Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Mid-length red/brown Eyes: Blue

Wandering Bantha - Medium Scout Ship (Spark Mark 1) with updated armaments and hyperdrive, along with an added tractor beam, bacta tank and catapult. THis is the ship commonly taken on missions.

Phoenix - Formerly known as Star Rider, this is an ancient ship from the Sith War era that Miris has repaired and refitted with modern components. It is generally kept out of combat and is primarily used for trips of a personal nature.

Specialties: Miris is best known as a crack pilot, particularly behind the controls of medium scout ships such as Spark Mark-1s, although she prides herself on being able to capably manuever anything with an engine (as well as some things without an engine). She's an experienced pod-racer and has recently taken up sky slicer acrobatics. To date, there's only been one thing that has arguably moved overly fast for her comfort zone, and that is her engagement to Fen bel Iblis.

Miris has also training extensively with Special Forces. As such, she frequently participates on heavy combat teams.

Background: Miris originally worked with Lans Garner on a contract basis. She officially joined the Alliance a few years later after witnessing the growing attrocities of the Empire.

She gained her "Crash & Burn" nickname early in her career. While a multitude of rumors exist concerning the name, it was first given to her after successfully faking a crash and landing underwater to throw off Imperial pursuit. Her dear friend Dara then proceeded to tell practically everyone in Crucible Sector that Miris was the worst pilot in the Alliance.

Personality: Miris possesses a fiercely competitive streak, although it's been seriously diminished in the last few years since the death of Mord Orlan, her piloting rival and previous significant other. Miris found herself having to give the order to fire on his ship at the request of its tortured crew. Since then, she's taken on a much more serious, responsible and pessimistic tone.

Recent months have found Miris in an obviously more cheerful and optimistic mood, presumably the result of her sudden and unexpected engagement.

Random facts:

  • Wears a prominent ring on her left hand, consisting of a single diamond surrounded by fiery wings of yellow and red.
  • Is the last known owner of the Alter fragment of the Amulet of Exar Kun
  • Has a giant, functioning slingshot installed on the top of the Drunken Bantha
  • Is an honorary Squib
  • Was a member of a one-hit-wonder band called Bantha Force (I didn't promise useful facts)
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