M Rath Et Tra Memorial

Under the name is a shelf with a holorecording of the Memorial Service and Funeral for M'rath and a data pad with the list of funeral attendees

Also on the shelf is a Sabaac deck. placed by Rockland Hawk

"M'rath - May luck be with you and you found the idiot's array. Rockland Hawk

"It's noble to see a fellow rebel sacrifice themselves. But to see them do it twice is heart wrenching." Chimara

"M'rath: You were a great friend and companion. If someone would have let me know. I would have spared no expense to have helped you.
Long live the Hydro Spanner,

On the shelf has been added a M'rath: Heroes of the Rebellion Action Figure. "In memory of your sacrifice and to stand as a promise that one day your people will understand your greatness." Fred Slick

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