Mathias Cordones

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 170#
Hair: Auburn
Eye: Hazel (known to shift color from a light brown to a dark golden-green)
Build: Medium/Athletic
Occupation: Self declared communications expert and business agent for the missions that he finds himself on.

Description:With hair falling to the nape of his neck Mathias typically appears well groomed and impeccably dressed. Unless he has a specific reason to dress differently Mathias will be seen dressed in any number of precisely tailored suits (he has several to choose from for any occasion).

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Ans numerous others whose names are being withheld to protect the innocent (or not so innocent).

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"I know we are on a mission. That does not mean that I cannot have a good time."
"Rebel command calls it a mission; I call it a vacation."
"You can talk to me, or you can talk to the Jawa; and believe me, you don't want to know what the Jawa will do to you."

Background: Mathias joined up with the rebellion when he turned 18. He never really discussed his past or why he decided to join the fight. Anyone that has known him from the beginning would realize that he has changed significantly in his 8 years with the rebel alliance. When he started out he was rather reserved; unless it came to making a deal. When he was working a deal he often resembled a used speeder salesman, a really good used speeder salesman. He also would bargain for every credit spent down to the last centicred. Making money and doing deals was almost a compulsion for him.

Personality: Mathias’ personality has undergone a shift over the recent years. He now cultivates the outward persona of the consummate flirt and playboy. He has discovered a love for the finer things in life and works toward enjoying them at most opportunities. This is the image that he shows to most of the world; however, this is not all that he is about. If someone looks deeper (much deeper) they might see that his core personality is still the driven individual that pushed him into the arms of the rebellion at 18. He is exceptionally loyal to those he considers friends and will risk everything for those he cares about. He also displays an almost casual disregard for his personal safety. No one has ever investigated into this aspect of his personality and he has never discussed it with anyone.

He has been known to flirt with and spend hours (even weeks) alone with many women among the rebel ranks but has never divulged the details of any of these relationships.

Lastly Mathias is a full Colonel in the rebellion but has been seen much more frequently in Imperial uniforms holding a variety of ranks, specialties, and branches of service than he has been in rebel uniform. In fact Mathias as not been known to ever wear his rebellion uniform. He seems to hold his rank within the rebellion in casual disregard.

Ships owned:
La Tour de Luxe
1/5 owner of Trusty Scabbard (with Crash, Jericho, Stinky, and Gnar)
Entry code word classified, stricken from record bio-authorization required

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