Mechanical Skills


Mechanical stands for "mechanical aptitude" and represents how well a character can pilot vehicles and starships and operate the various systems on board. It also reflects how well the character handles live mounts, like banthas and tauntauns. A character with a high Mechanical attribute is going to take naturally to driving landspeeders, flying cloud cars and piloting X-wings and ships like the Millennium Falcon. A character with a low Mechanical attribute has a lot of minor accidents.

Most Mechanical skills are used to drive vehicles or pilot starships. Most of the time, characters should be able to negotiate clear terrain (Very Easy or Easy) without too much trouble. It's when a driver goes too fast, tries risky maneuvers or gets involved in a chase that things get tricky.

The skills:

Archaic Starship Piloting

Archaic Vehicle Piloting


Beast Riding

Capital Ship Gunnery

Capital Ship Piloting

Capital Ship Shields


Ground Vehicle Operation

Hover Vehicle Operation

Jet Pack Operation

Machinery Operation

Pod Racer Operation

Powersuit Operation

Repulsorlift Operation

Rocket Pack Operation


Space Transports

Starfighter Piloting

Starship Gunnery

Starship Shields

Swoop Operation

Walker Operation

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