Medical Addenda 1 The Amnesia


Patient: Koy..

Gender: Female

Species: Twi'Lek

General Physical: Adequate.


Doctors Notes:

Koy can not remember any thing about her previous life.. It seems all personal information and details about her life are gone prior to her arriving on the Crucible sector rebel fleet.

Most general knowledge has been retained about the galaxy and her environment however individual skill sets seem to have suffered. Of course these skill sets are only estimations obtained from the group that retrieved her as no actual data is available.

On a positive note her mental aptitude seems to be rapidly assimilating new information allowing her to quickly adapt and learn additional skills. I am not sure how long this will last nor what is causing it but for the most part it seems to be helping her adapt to her new environment which is an encouraging sign.

Koy has spoken about odd visions more than once now she seems to be almost having a reoccurring nightmare.. I'm not sure what may be causing this. Ill be upping her sleeping medication to keep her from thrashing about during the night she disturbed the other patients..

She will be beginning her psychological therapy this afternoon though I'm not sure i agree with her choice of counselors.. A few of my nurses think highly of him while others well I probably shouldn't record that here..

End Recording..

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