Members Of Thunder Team


Known Members of Thunder Team Inc.

Commodore Flash Meltdown (lost somewhere in the Imperial Prison System) Human
Captain Claven Bastardson (captain/owner of the Plausible Deniability) Sullustan
Boro Ghent (Tech Master of Thunder Team) Duro
*Classified (Droid Master of Thunder Team) Jawa
Drogg Nago (Morale Officer, Flash Meltdown's Personal Bodyguard) Gand(? Unconfirmed)

Prior Members of Thunder Team Inc.
Grod Oogan (Drugs and Gun Running Specialist) Rodian (Missing, presumed dead)
Sliss'Tak (Morale Officer/Internal Security) Barabel (Reassigned)
Abbek Farlighter (Galactic Hippie) Human (Missing, presumed very, very high)

Erstwhile Associates of Thunder Team Inc.
Captain D'Abu'Da Abassk (captain/owner of the Dag'Da'Mor) Sullustan
Al'Gon Quin (Engineer of the Plausible Deniability) Human

NOTE from Gentlebeing Resources: We need to recruit more gentlebeings and less humans, the smell is getting quite strong in here (that is what happens when too many humans are gathered together).

For consideration for recruitment into the Anarchist Group know as Thunder Team please stop by our local office on StarForge Station, located on the blue concourse.

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