Memorial wall

Located at Uneeq's bar on board Discovery, this is a Memorial wall for all PCs to have a place to honor those who have lost their lives. Posted just underneath the title is the following message:

To those who have fallen but are not forgotten.
Thank you for blazing the trail for us. We honor & will try to follow in your footsteps to ensure a better future for us all. May the Force be with you all.
Honorably & humbly yours - Melisaande

For our Fallen Friends

Jedi Master Sillo Bluestar memorial (member: Order of the Silver Jedi)
Talon Longsong memorial
M'rath Et'tra memorial
Mord Orlan memorial *
Markus Pennik memorial *
Aldonza memorial *
Jenden memorial *
Shuri memorial *
Corbin Maxx memorial
T'Thokk memorial
Jedi Master (Lord) Eaton Byron memorial
Toko Borglio (Jedi) memorial
Vadnim An'etho memorial
Wolfman Steve memorial
Targo Helix memorial
Koy memorial

There is a separate place to remember those who never came back but whom have never been reported as deceased.

Missing in Action
Darrik De'Louth remembrances

A third area is set aside for non-rebel family or friends. This area was started by Bear Riggs to remember those family members who died on Alderaan and for those who cannot travel to the Graveyard (the asteroid field that was once the planet Alderaan).

Let Them Never be Forgotten
The Graveyard Asteroid Field
(For survivors of the Alderaan disaster. Not all can attempt the visit to honor the dead)
In this area is a crystal sculpture in the process of being created of Bail Organa.
Bear Riggs family memorial

Other families and friends from across the galaxy
Dee'laan's Jawa clan memorial
Ned'lx's original crew
The Crew of the Once Scorned
Nital Family Memorial
Jane & John Doe

Candles lit in Memory

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