Message From Pistolwhip To Dee Codcon 2011

General Deelin,

The following is an after action report of the events of last weekend.

Corp Algoquin, alias Pistolwhip, returned to Peridia to maintain the Food for Peridians charities. Two local agents of RBvW, the local rebel cell, have stepped up and taken over the day to day operations. FFP has expanded greatly and has developed a good reputation with the local businesses. Should the Expurgium fall they will be well placed to take their place in food distribution and other charitable fronts.

However the Expurgium had gotten overly aggressive in their desire to “help” and merge with their organization. At the time of my arrival they had agents holding a shipment of food hostage. In concert with Nabacca we staged and executed the following; Corp entered the warehouse where the shipment was held up and attempted to parlay with 3 hounds and 6 of the “faithful.” As negotiations brook down Nabacca and members of the local rebel cell attacked to take Corp hostage. As Corp started to run, to exit and rearm, and return as someone else Corp was quickly knocked out by a hounds whip. Nabacca and the other rebels took down the hounds, lethally, and the faithful via stun. From there the Rebellion, via Nabacca, perpetrator of the chaos on Sullust, sent a message to the FFP that if they continue to associate with the Expurgium, Corp would be killed. This was the excuse needed, especially in light of the events on Sullust days earlier, for the FFP to stand up to the Expurgium. Befitting their bully status the Expurgium stood down and in doing so lost faith with the rest of the planet. There is an unwritten agreement that if Corp returns to the Perdia the truce is off and the Expurgium will return to their bulling ways.

From this point forward the FFP should be self sufficient and no longer require assistance from the Crucible Sector Rebellion.

I await further orders to assist in the larger operation.

May the force be with you,

Major C “Pistolwhip” Algoquin

Aid de Camp

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