Military Unit Armor

Equipment / Protective Gear

Military Unit Armor Physical Energy Cost Availability Dexterity Penalty
Espo Armor +1D +1 200 / 200 vest / helmet X -1D
Espo Riot Armor +2D / +1D+2 +1D / +2 X X -2
Jedi Battle Armor +2D +2D 6000 4, X -1D+1 , -2 Move
Rodian Protector Armor +2D +1D X 3, X -1D
Iotran Braceman Armor +2D +1D 8000 8000 -1D
Goroth Planetary Police Armor +2D +1D+1 X 3, X -1D
Clone Trooper Armor, Mark I +2D +1D X 3, X -1D
Clone SCUBA Trooper Armor +1D +1D X 3, X
ARC Trooper Armor +1D +1D X 4, X
Katarn Armor +2D +2D X 4, X
Clone Trooper Armor, Mark II +2D +1D X 3, X
Royal Guard Armor +2D +1D X 3, X -1D
Coruscant Guard Armor +2D +1D X X -1D
Imperial Sentinel Armor +2D +1D X X -1D
Imperial Dungeoneer Armor +1D / +3D +1D / +2D X / X (Light / Heavy) X
Imperial Sovereign Protector Armor +3D +2D X X
CompForce Trooper Armor +1D +2 X 4, X
Imperial Field Armor +1D +1D X X
Imperial Gunner Armor +1D +2 X X
Stormtrooper Armor +2D +1D X 3, X -1D
Sandtrooper Armor +1D +1D X 3, X -1D
AT-AT Operator Armor +1D +1D X X -2
Imperial Pilot Flight Suit +2 +2 X 3, X
Scout Trooper Armor +2 +2 X 3, X
Snowtrooper Armor +1D +1D X 3, X -1D
Swamp Trooper Armor +1D +1D X 3, X -1D
Raptor Commando Armor +1D +1D X X
Storm Commando Armor +1D +1D X 3, X
Radtrooper Armor +3D +1D X X -1D
Seatrooper Armor +1D +1D X 3, X
Spacetrooper Armor +4D +3D X 3, X -1D
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