Missile Weapons

This catagory encompases all weapons using the missile weapon skill. It includes grenade launchers, personal proton torpedo packs and even weapons such as wrist vac launchers.

The Magna caster

The Magna caster is a magnetically acceleration crossbow. It is very sensitive to shock, so does have a history of breaking when misused or tossled about, but due to the use of powerful magnets to accelerate a crossbow bolt, is a very silent and lethal weapon in the right hands.
The caster has 3 damage ranges, short, medium and long. At short range, it can do as much damage as a light repeating blaster.

Game Stats:
Range: 5-50/75/100
Rate of fire: 2
Magazine: 10 quarrels. Full round action to change out clips
Damage: 6d/5d/4d
Cost: 2000 credits, at a 3F availability. Quarrel packs cost 150 credits

Wrist Vac Launchers
Prized for its silent precision and dependability, a pair of wrist vac blades will cause even the most hardened criminals to think twice before messing with their owners.
Each wrist band supports two vacuum sealed containment slots, each of which holds a trio of 3 centimeter diamiter circular allow metal blades. By pressing a release-stud, the trio of sharp blades spin off in the desired direction. A Separate contol stud can modify the width of the discharge pattern.

Game stats:
Range: 10-20/30/50
Damage: 5d. Can be spread into a 60 degree arc for 3d damage
Fire rate: 2
Cost: 700/ 30 credits per blade pack replacement.

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