Mission Announcement

Ladies and gentle beings may I have your attention please. My Name is General

Rebel sympathizers within the Imperial Navy have passed on some information to
us that we feel is of note. This information is supported by a contacts on board
the Victory Star destroyer Malice

The VSD Malice under the Command of Commander Harner, was ordered to sector
345567. There she conducted what we are guessing it is some sort of recovery or
possibly even salvage. The reports are sketchy and the Empire apparently is a
very good job covering up what exactly she did there. The Destroyer also took on
two passengers, Dr Bail Raymus and Dr Rachael Ginner. Those of you who are
students to starship design theory should know these two names very well.

Our contacts on board the VSD Malice are giving us the opportunity to board the
ship and to determine what it was they obtained and more specifically where they
are taking it. We postulate that the VSD Malice is on her way to a secret
research and development facility. Not even the commander himself knows where
his ship is going; this facility is kept that much a secret.

Here is the plan. The VSD Malice will take a detour in hyperspace, taking her
near a Trillone star system. Much closer than needed as per computer hack. The
gravity of the system will act as a natural gravity well that should pull the
malice out of hyperspace. We ask that you organize yourselves into five boarding

The sole purpose in life for two of these parties as to cause as much mayhem and
destruction, as to draw attention to themselves and draw the majority of the
troops that are on board the ship to their location.

Group three, will proceed to the main cargo hold. Apparently there is something
there that our rebel contacts on board the ship feels that we strongly need to
see. You are ordered to take it. If it will not fit out the door you are to take
as much information as you can about it and destroy it.

Group four, is to proceed to main sickbay. There you are to mount a rescue for
whoever is there, upload from the medical computers anything you can, and leave.

Group five, your job is to make your way to the main computer core and hack it.
We need you to obtain information that the other two groups were not able to
obtain as well as determined the location the Star destroyer was headed so that
we know the location of the research and development facility. It may also
become necessary for you to provide support for the other groups in terms of
internal security and counter boarding measures.

Because there are unknown rebel operatives on board a Star destroyer the
following mission criteria has been implemented. You will by no means use lethal
force when dealing with any of the crew members or troops are on board the Star
destroyer. We believe that there are rebel sympathizers among its crew and
possibly even the senior officers. We attend to keep it this way. If there is a
body count, I expect a phenomenal explanation from the senior officer in charge
of that group as to why. Each groups should choose a call sign so as to
communicate with one another to as to not step on one anothers toes and even
help the other groups.

Good luck and may the force be with you.

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