Mission Briefing Rescue Of Senator H A Besquor

Your goal is to rescue the Senator and as many of the other detainees as possible. We have gathered additional information on the situation and have found out the following:

Imperial Governor Talcior Freeburn intends to make a major display of his commitment to the Empire by staging a public execution of the detainees which is scheduled to take place in 24 hours. Planetary security is very tight and no unscheduled ships are being allowed to land in the Capital city.

Intelligence has made contact with a shipping company that is due to make a delivery for the "party" to Siris Iredium's Capital city. The captain, Cantel Tuusla, has relatives on the planet and has concerns that some of them may be amongst the detainees. He has heartily agreed to our plan.

Cantel will be arriving at this jump point shortly. He will dock and take you on board. You will remain hidden while he makes his delivery. Almost immediately after take-off, Cantel will "experience" engine troubles and land at the edge of the woods, roughly 2 kilometers to the west of the detention center. To sell the "engine" troubles to whomever comes out to check, he has a damaged part to put in place of the working one and he has picked a fairly hard to find part so that he can stay so you have a means of escape.

Good luck and May the Force be with you.

Mission Briefing Rescue Of Senator H A Besquor - Judge Report

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