Mission Briefing Rescue Of Senator H A Besquor Judge Report

The Rescue mission of the senators included T’Thokk, Slik, Choth, Fenn and Dac.

The team landed 2k away for the base as there transport feinted ship troubles. As they were leaving they used repulsors to hide in the tops of the tree. While they were up there they saw a patrol of scout troopers. The team decided to let the scouts pass as they were heading to the crash site to investigate. They made it to the make shift prison they decided to sneak across the short distance from the woods to facility.

Dac climbed up a tree and took up a sniper position while Fenn and T’Thokk were scanning the area to see if the fence was electrified Fenn’s scan did not reveal any energy signatures on the fence but T’Thokk saw a small animal dead by the fence and saw a small generator next to the main building.

Slik decides to sneak up alone and shut it down. Before he went Dac saw that there was 10 guys on the roof of the building and 2 of those were manning heavy repeating blasters. Slik sneaks over to the south side of the building and grave booted over and sneaked up to the generator. He got up to the generator and cut the wires to the fence and was listening in on the conversations of the security that was not very happy about being out here. Then T’Thokk sneaked up the same way as Slik except he tripped.

Then the rest of the group, minus Dac, snuck up the fence and Fenn cut the fence and every one was at the base of the main building. Slik and Fenn snuck to the front door and saw that there were 2 more security guards just standing there looking bored. They knocked them out with one blow. Fenn scanned the room and saw that there was 1 person in each room on this floor.

Fenn cuts the power to the shield generators one to each floor that are blocking the doors. Slik and Fenn decide to go up to the next level on each side of the stairs and rush the 2 guards on the other side of the room above where they came in. T’Thokk came in behind them and did a flying kick at the back of one of the guards on the balcony and he goes flying over the rail.

Slik took his opponent out in one hit again and the one Fenn was attacking called out in alarm. Slik into one of the rooms that has 3 people in it and uses his deck sweeper on 2 of the people in the room and they go down and he tells the remaining guard to stand down. The guard does not and charges Slik with his vibroblade. Slik performs a power block and pushes the knife back in to the body guard killing him. In the hall, Fenn finishes off the guard. Dac Sees the guards on the roof bring there rifles up and also sees one of the 2 guards by the gate aim his gun at the balcony and Dac shoots him dropping him and also see the guards on the roof snap to attention and informs the group. Choth’s droids launch grenades at the roof and all but one drops while 1 of his droids launches a grenade at the main gate and drops the remaining guard at the gate.

T’Thokk kicks the remaining guard on the balcony and he goes over the rail and he hears an audible crack as he lands on the back of his head and snaps his neck. In the building Fenn is about to walk a way when a door opens and an old looking man comes out and starts yelling at Fenn to keep the noise down as he is trying to meditate. Fenn says that they are here to rescue him. The old man say’s thank you but keep it down I am trying to meditate and closes the door in Fenn’s face. Fenn smashes the door open again and the old man starts yelling at Fenn and Fenn smacks him and knocks him out and puts him in the cargo space on the smasher armor. Dac takes a shot at the last guy, hits him and the guard falls off the roof.

The group starts opening the doors and the detainees tell them ‘thank you that they will stay here and start cleaning up.’ The group tells them that they can come back and reclaim the planet as the empire will kill them if they stay. So the group collects all the stunned prisoners and detainees and collects all the equipment and vehicles that were in the yard and head back to the transport. The team then headed back to The Discovery.

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