Mission Briefing Rescue Recovery Tattered Kaadu Pearls Of Serenity

(At the start of the briefing, all members of the party are handed pads with coordinates and information on Siris Iredium.)

Intel on Siris Iredium show frequent storms over the southern portion of the main continent. If you enter the planet's atmosphere coming in over the southern polar region and then flying low over the southern desert, the storms will provide cover so that your arrival will go undetected. This route will be difficult to fly, but we have faith in your abilities.

If you look at your pads, you will see the last known location of the Tattered Kaadu and the Pearls of Serenity. This places both ships south of the Capital city and north of the desert.

We do not have any definite information on what type of Imperial presence has been left on the planet.

Take appropriate actions to rescue our Alliance allies and recover as much as you can. If there is an Imperial presence, do your best to keep our allies safe and keep the supplies out of Imperial hands.

Good luck and May the Force be with you.

Mission Briefing Rescue - Recovery Tattered Kaadu, Pearls Of Serenity - Judge Report

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