Mission Report From Brig Gen Gad Wa Heega

A Glimmer of Hope

Over the past half year, a number of teams have been sent to Mindor for various reasons and once again we were being sent there. Our team consisted of Taylor Castel, Vandin, Pola, Daryn Startrotter, Chimara and me. The Ithorians had been working on a plan to restore Mindor to a thriving planet (they felt compelled to do so; something of a religious calling) and needed to acquire samples from the southern polar region to finish up their research. They needed us to help them in negotiating with the Empire to get permission to acquire the samples, help collect the samples, be allowed to do their work without interference and to get the Empire to pay for a portion of the cost of reestablishing the ecosystem as a form of reparations.

Arriving at Mindor and the Ithorian ship, we were given their research report (all 500 pages worth) and given time to formulate a presentation to present to the Imperials. We were posing as a combination of geological research and negotiation team. When the time came, we were transferred over to the Imperial ship “Avenger”. The Imperials pulled out all the stops to greet us; the hangar bay was filled with troopers, techs and officers at attention while above was the racks of Tie fighters and pilots. If this was meant to intimidate us and make us feel small, it was working. I stopped in my tracks and had to be pushed forward to keep moving.

Our presentation went well. Knowing the Imperial stand on non-humans, I stood just to the side and a bit back of the Ithorian and acted as the “servant”, only speaking when truly necessary to the other team members and not to the Imperials. I spoke my opinions during our preparations.

When it came to asking for permission to collect samples from the southern polar region, the Colonel seems genuinely surprised that permission had not already been given. Talks were recessed until he could get an answer and we went back to the Ithorian ship.

Permission was given and we were accompanied to an abandoned base (this Colonel really had no clue it was there) by an Imperial geology team. Each group set to collecting samples as this way each would trust the results. I almost gave away our cover as I went walking around this base none of us was to have known about, except that I was walking around as if I knew the place (which I really did). The base had been cleaned out about 2 weeks before and there was no trace of who or what had been here.

With the final piece of research added in, the final negotiations could get under way and in the end it was agreed upon that the Empire would cover the first 5 years of expenses but that no one other than the Ithorians would have access to the planet of Mindor during the reestablishment period.

Back on the Ithorian ship, they brought us to a room to show us something and to ask us to complete one last task. Sitting in cages were 2 breeding pairs of Skqinocks. This miraculous sight left us all somewhat speechless. We were asked to find a specific type of tree down on the planet as it was only in this tree that Skqinocks would breed. Vandin had seedlings of these trees and the Skqinocks recognized it. To calm them down, a seedling was put next to their cages. After having scans run, it was determined that there were 2 possible locations where a tree might be located.

At the first site, near the edge of a bombed major city, we found a sickly tree and reported back. We then traveled to the other location and found a thriving tree. Next to it was an odd hut type structure and out of it crawled a strange old man with some of the dark side bats clinging to him. He had not spoken to any beings except the bats in quite some time so it took a bit to be able to communicate with him. We told him that the Skqinocks would return but he did not believe us. When Taylor brought out her Skquinock pendant, he became excited and held onto it. Finally he gave it back as Taylor looked anxious that she would lose it. I sat next to him and gave him mine to keep. Seems he was once a Jedi and made it his life’s work to act as a surrogate light side Force in the absence of the Skqinocks.

We called up to the ship to bring the Skqinocks down. Once they arrived, the cage couldn’t be opened fast enough. The sight of those Skqinocks flying free in the skies over Mindor will forever be etched in my mind. A sense of balance filled the air, a balance that has been missing from Mindor for many years. Our team spent the next few hours just watching. The evening ended on a bittersweet note as we watched with the full understanding that for the next 8 years we can never travel back here to Mindor to see this sight.

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