Mission Report - Team Free Willy

Mission Objective: retrieve operative from cover on capital planet of the Crucible sector due to tightening Imperial security

Target: male heurglic (humanoid whale). Given name, description of him, that he is in the capital city somewhere, and that our extaction point is in 4 days at the end of the grand opening of the opera house. No other details given.

Team Members: Mathias, Jynxie, Gnar, Sara, Claivan, and eventually Stinky.

Day 1: Arrived on planet. Claivan managed to sneak some stun gauntlets through customs by taking cover as someone suffering from early onset severe arthritis and possibly alzheimers. By reading his own cover name off the reflection of his cover ID in the custom officer's glasses, he managed to barely get through. No one else bothered smuggling anything illicit in.
As we left port, we checked the local directory and found a listing for our target, obtaining the address of his residence. We then decided to acquire quality lodgings at the only Galaxy level hotel on planet, in the most expensive suite they have. This was of course decided after coming through customs, so some decided they were not dressed appropriately for such a place, and asked the men not to look as she proceeded to change in the backseat, nearly causing a couple of traffic accidents… However, we did make it to the hotel. The suite turned out to be VERY nice, and while Claivan started
researching more on our target, Gnar made an appointment to get us close to the target's home, and Jynxie did some work on Claivan's repulsor chair the hotel lent him (for a poor suffering person with money should not have to hobble around on a walker). Sara discovered the suite had it's own pool, and decided there was time for a swim. Mathias joined instantly, and Gnar was not far behind. Jynxie soon was distracted by the discovery of the massage droid in the suite. We were confidant that there was plenty of time. So we decided to divide the team slightly to go after the target from both sides of society.
The rest of the day passed with all but Claivan deciding to go to a high profile and high class techno dance club in a private VIP room to see if we could either find more leads on our target, or find any other useful contacts here. Claivan on the other hand went through the seedier side of society, trying to get contact with our target.

Day 2: The first half of the day is a little fuzzy, for some reason, but Gnar eventually informed us that Stinky had arrived and was joining us. We collected together all the information on the target we had acquired so far, and managed to make 1st contact with the target by sometime in the afternoon. He informed us that he was finishing up some things and would meet us again the following day.

Day 3: Met target again. Now it seemed we would have to take care of his current employer to ensure that our target's departure does not bring down the remaining operatives that are still embeded in the local organization. No problem, he has a private box reserved for the grand opening of the opera across the opera hall from the one we had reserved already. The target says that the employer should get a 'bang' out of the intermission and that he can get us access to the opera house that night as well as some 'supplies'. That night we go in and Jynxie set up the presents under the owner's seat and the one next to it in the private box.

Day 4: As we planned on leaving, we set up for the records of the hotel to be wiped for the last two weeks so that all record of our stay would be gone.
Opening night of the opera. 1st half of the opera is VERY boring! However, Stinky thought she saw some people we knew visiting the owner in his box across the way, and possibly someone else she knew behind the stage just prior to intermission. Then our target came in very worried because security had just picked up another rebel team and were taking them to a holding cell in the basement. We left Claivan's repulsor chair in our private box and started hurrying down to rescue the other team. Stinky got distracted again, but lost the person she thought she saw as people started coming out for intermission.
We started going towards the holding area, and managed to catch the other team being lead by security through a cross-hall. We started to valiantly attempt to rescue them, stunning several of the guards and even starting a monkey pile on the Moff's Aide that was with the guards. Right on schedule Jynxie pressed a shiny red button and the presents for the owner went off, shaking the building satisfactorily all the way to the foundations where we were. Then we discovered that
the guards were actually another rebel team and that the Aide was also a rebel. As we got that sorted out and were dusting off, the real security and a not so nice Moff's Aide ambushed our ambush of the guards of the captured rebel's. Each team decided to go our own ways to our own extraction points so we could divide the imperial security and conquer them.
After a few minutes of fighting, getting hit, helping each other, and the normal passions in the heat of battle, we subdued our selected contingent and made our way to our extraction point with our target in tow. As everyone in fancy clothes were fleeing the now burning opera house, no one questioned us also running out in our dusty fancy clothing.
We made it to our waiting extraction ship about the time a really really huge shadow passed slowly overhead, and we decided it was definately time NOT to be here. Fortunately our exit path was pre-programmed into the ship and was clear.

Mission Status: Successful and Fun.

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