Mission Report Team Glub Glub

"The usual polyglot of whomever is loafing at the moment" was Lefty Astro's thought, as he was assigned with other six sentients to go to the Crucible Sector capital and recover a mole? defector? from an undersea base. The locals were to provide details and some support (equipment and intel) when we got there. The local helped concoct a scheme to lay the blame on a local criminal group by having one of their members brought in, in a non-talky state of being dead.

Lefty had some confidence in completing the mission, and so offered to bet the Herglic contact on success, was given 5-2, and bet 1,000 credits. When other rebel ops began betting 20,000 and the Herglic covered them all, Lefty got a bad feeling about the whole thing, but it was too late to cancel his bet.

Lefty decided to try the Mon Calamari organic underwater breathing apparatus, which was rather gross and a little painful. It did have an unusual effect on Lefty's vocal tones, so he did a Hutt imitation and Jericho Hunter cracked up…and continued to laugh every time Lefty needed a little entertainment and did the Hutt again. The breather came in handy when Lefty swam out to one of the mines and tried out the underwater ionizing guns. Then some dimbulb stepped on the accelerator and the submarine sped off! Apparently somebody on board thought it a good idea not to leave an op behind like that, so Lefty eventually got back inside.

Entering the base turned out to be a problem, as there were troops already waiting. Possibly tripping that mine sent an alert? Jericho and a Slick fella (not Slik the con-man) shot their way in pretty well, but the comm officer had long since been forced to evac to safety. The corpse was given a few fresh combat marks and dropped for the frame of the local mobsters. A portable sensor allowed the Rebel team to catch some stragglers and avoid a large contingent heading to the breach point. Eventually the comm officer was found, having been stunned out with three troopers. Mrrvyn had to be summoned via commlink as he had been piling up the Imperials into tidy piles.

All for naught. When the Alliance team got into the submarine pen (in order to commandeer an escape vessel), the Imp denounced us as Rebel scum, saying the whole thing was a trap…and out came a whole load of troopers in sensor deflecting material that had covered them up from the small sensor. They came out of the water and both vehicles in large numbers. Lefty managed a frag grenade into the smaller sub to (temporarily) stop the flow of Imperials when all the lights went out. Seems Slick had thrown a stun grenade with a 25m radius, knocking out 4 of the 7 rebels! It also got all of the frogmen emerging from the water, so Slick and Hunter shot their way into a sub about the time that an explosion occurred and the whole base began to sink. The team made the extraction point (the Herglic had long since vanished with the stakes) and were able to escape only because Orange Squadron has remained on station in orbit long after their orders specified.

The only useful thing accomplished was the sighting of a super-de-doopery sized Star Destroyer, the first of a new class. A local that wasn't involved had been kidnapped and killed, and the sinking of the submarine base wasn't even our work.

Addendum: Since the release of this report, several Team Free Willy members have been heard to claim responsibility for sinking the sub base, but these claims are highly doubted by those who actually know where the base was in relation to the opera house.

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