Mission Report Team Space Traffic Control

An extremely aggravated Col. Targo Helix has loudly denounced Intel for their shoddy work. The space team, including elements of Orange Squadron, were supplied useful information, like who or how many would be leaving the planet that they (the spacers) were supposed to cover, or the expected time frame, or, well, anything useful, like call signs… Repeated inquiries to command went unanswered, so the spacers hung around, trading their landing slots for later ones, until a handful of vessels launched out of pattern after a large explosion on the surface. Helix's anticipation of a Star Destroyer, scoffed at by HQ, was not only prescient (precognitive?) but also an understatement, as the first Super Star Destroyer made an appearance. Fortunately, all Rebels managed to get off planet and away, despite the snafu on the surface that had Rebel teams actually shooting at each other, another example of failure on the part of the mission planners.

edit: Helix was not alone in his criticisms, but upper echelons have done nothing visible in reaction, either to Intel or the whiners.

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